I created this site so that you don’t have to search as hard as I did to find autism products for my child. Ever since my son Jack was diagnosed, I have been on the lookout for autism products to help with his sensory needs. I hope that you not only find what you need, but find my site a little comforting in that you are not the only one searching for these autism products.

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Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Autism and Her Family Life

Actress Jenny McCarthy speaks openly about her role as an advocate for children with autism and her family life. When Jenny’s son Evan was diagnosed with autism at age two, McCarthy decided that she needed to do more to promote autism awareness. She is the author of a book about autism, ‘Louder Than Words’ and president of Generation Rescue which is a non-profit foundation that is dedicated to helping families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. While she may be known for her

Five Facts Everybody Should Know About Autism

Autism awareness is growing at a rapid pace, but there is always more information being discovered every day. Here are five facts everybody should know about autism! There are many children living with autism spectrum disorder around the world. They require additional resources and support as they grow into young adults. Even though awareness and support are growing, there is always more which could be done to help those with autism spectrum disorders. The sooner children can be evaluated, the sooner their