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Researchers May Have Discovered 2 Tests Which Could Help Physicians Treat Autism

fMRI reveals neurotransmitter imbalance and brain dysconnectivity in autistic patients A team of researchers out of the University of Missouri could have discovered two tests which could help guide physicians on how to better treat the areas of the brain responsible for language and communication. Researchers used functional MRI (fMRI) and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (H-MRS) to identify a link between brain connectivity and neurotransmitter imbalance. These are the two regions of the brain responsible for causing difficulties with social communication among

Fidgets could help enhance concentration while providing calm for special needs children

Fidget spinners are helping people with autism concentrate on tasks and remain focused You may be surprised to learn that those small and bright toys that children love spinning around playing with really could help children struggling with ADD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder or sensory processing disorder. Fidget spinners can be a great way to help children focus while they are trying to listen to people speak, watch demonstrations, and focus on a task. While we’ve all seen the fidget spinners, there

New Study Shows Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Risk of Other Serious Health Problems

While research into autism spectrum disorder mainly focusses on the young, it’s important to remember that the number of adults with autism spectrum disorder is also increasing While the research and awareness of young people with autism spectrum disorder continue to increase around the world, it’s important that adults aren’t forgotten. Research undertaken at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Waisman Center has discovered that adults who are currently living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), could be facing a higher risk of developing other