I created this site so that you don’t have to search as hard as I did to find autism products for my child. Ever since my son Jack was diagnosed, I have been on the lookout for autism products to help with his sensory needs. I hope that you not only find what you need, but find my site a little comforting in that you are not the only one searching for these autism products.

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Google Glass Could Make A Big Difference For Children With Autism

While the average customer passed on Google Glass, it could become an important tool to help improve social skills for children with autism! A study which has been published in NPJ Digital Medicine has shed more light on the idea that augmented reality glasses combined with the right choice of software could make a huge difference to children with autism. Children with autism typically find it hard to recognize social cues, facial expressions, and also make eye contact. The study focused on

Grocery Store Workers’ Act Of Kindness Towards Autistic Teen

You hear a lot about people doing nice things, but a grocery store workers’ act of kindness towards a young man with autism in Baton Rouge is setting the social media world on fire! 17-year-old Jack Ryan Edwards was shopping with his father in their local Baton Rouge supermarket when Jack suddenly stopped. Jack, who has autism, was fixated on the orange juice in the fridge unit. This wasn’t an unusual situation for Jack’s dad to find him and his son in.