Find Autism Therapy Accessories

Autism therapy is essential to help those you love learn to exhibit positive behaviors in social situations and at home. MyAutismTeam polled 28,000 parent members asking them which autism therapy approaches worked the best for their children (ranked by percent selected). Their research shows:

  1. Occupational Therapy – 39%
  2. Speech Therapy – 27%
  3. ABA Therapy – 15%
  4. Social Skills Classes – 8%
  5. Hippotherapy (OT through horseback riding) – 2%
  6. GFCF Diet – 2%
  7. Psychiatrist/Psychologist sessions – 2%
  8. (5-way tie, each with 1%): Floor Time, RDI, PECs, Swimming, PRT

When considering or implementing a specific autism therapy, you’re likely to need specific equipment to facilitate each session. We’ve collected all of our therapy accessories to make it more convenient for you.