Google Glass Could Make A Big Difference For Children With Autism

While the average customer passed on Google Glass, it could become an important tool to help improve social skills for children with autism! A study which has been published in NPJ Digital Medicine has shed more light on the idea that augmented reality glasses combined with the right choice of software could make a huge

Grocery Store Workers’ Act Of Kindness Towards Autistic Teen

You hear a lot about people doing nice things, but a grocery store workers’ act of kindness towards a young man with autism in Baton Rouge is setting the social media world on fire! 17-year-old Jack Ryan Edwards was shopping with his father in their local Baton Rouge supermarket when Jack suddenly stopped. Jack, who

Autism Has Been Linked To Food Allergies, But Which One Comes First?

While autism and food allergies may be linked, scientists are yet to discover whether autism leads to food allergies or food allergies lead to autism? A new study by researchers at the University of Iowa suggests that there could be a link between food allergies and autism, but they are still trying to learn how

A Young Autistic Boy Is Fighting To Keep His Therapy Ducks!

A young boy is fighting to keep his two therapy ducks after neighbors complained that they were lowering house prices in the neighborhood! 12-year-old Dylan Dyke is fighting to keep his two therapy ducks after neighbors complained that the two ducks were lowering the house prices in the neighborhood. Dylan has been ordered by officials

The Best Strategies For Calming Autism Tantrums And Meltdowns!

If you’re trying to find solutions to help calm autism tantrums and meltdowns, then we have some of the best products and strategies in the following article! Tantrums are never easy to deal with, especially when it happens in a crowded public place. If your child has autism, it makes even harder to handle tantrums

CRISPR Could Change The Future of Autism Forever!

CRISPR, a new gene-editing tool, could be a powerful tool in the fight against autism! Scientists believe that CRISPR could edit out autism traits. It’s a big statement and comes along with a lot of unanswered questions and moral issues, but any breakthroughs in the fight against autism are welcome ones. This new technology could

New Test For Autism Has 88% Accuracy!

A new blood test which helps diagnose children with autism has proven to be 88% accurate! Early last year the researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the United States announced that their revolutionary blood test for autism had huge potential. Now, a further study into the blood test has confirmed their original findings, helping us