More Than 100 Genes Tied to Autism Identified in Large Study

I found this on USA Today More than 100 genes associated with autism were identified in a "landmark study" that could help better understand what causes the disability, researchers say. In the large genetic-sequencing study, a team of researchers led by scientists at Mount Sinai and relying on international collaboration identified the 102 genes associated

Breakthrough In Autism Research

Breakthrough In Autism Research Researchers have made some major breakthroughs in narrowing down the causes of autism! The causes of autism have long been discussed and studied among scientists around the world, but now we’re even closer to narrowing down the reasons. Autism has been incorrectly linked to a variety of different things, including immunizations,

Brian Burk Dominates American Ninja Warrior

Brian Burk has become a beacon of hope for those with autism as he crashes through barriers on American Ninja Warrior, tearing down obstacles and stereotypes along the way! If you haven’t heard of Brian Burk and his success on the hit television show American Ninja yet, then what’s stopping you! This exciting rookie has

Autism Sensory Needs

Autism Sensory Needs Parents face different kinds of tantrums from their children at different stage of their life.  Usually at a young age, children tend to be more difficult but that’s where parents need to show their parenting skills. However, most of the times the behavior which is shown to parents by their children is

What’s the Difference Between Autism and Asperger’s?

I found this story on US News in the Health section and thought it was an interesting read. FOR MILLENNIA, CERTAIN people have exhibited patterns of social behavior and communication that fall outside so-called “normal” parameters. At various points, these individuals have been classified in different ways. Sometimes considered to simply have problematic personalities, and

Autism Diagnosis Could Start at 14 Months!

A new study is suggesting that the diagnosis of autism could be made as early as 14 months old. A study which was published in the medical journey JAMA Pediatrics suggests that children as young as 14 months could be accurately diagnosed with autism. Autism is a spectrum disorder which can affect behavior, social skills,

Best Autism Sensory Products

Your Guide to the Best Autism Sensory Products Whether you label it sensory overload, sensory sensitivity, overstimulation, or something else, struggling with sensory processing issues is a real challenge for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD or Sensory Disorder, or other sensory dysfunction. Sensory integration exposes these kids to sensory stimulation using autism sensory products

Best Autism Toys

Fun and games – those are the elements that childhood should be made of, right (a significant part of it, anyway)? And autism toys are an essential part of making that mix happen. Every child needs toys that encourage play and imagination, freedom of expression, and even teach a thing or two. Kids with autism

What Are The Benefits Of Autism Swings?

What Are The Benefits Of Autism Swings? If you have a child with autism, then there are several different reasons why they could benefit from an autism swing in your home! Have you ever just laid back in a hammock or swing on a warm summers’ day and felt instantly like your troubles were far