Researchers May Have Discovered 2 Tests Which Could Help Physicians Treat Autism

fMRI reveals neurotransmitter imbalance and brain dysconnectivity in autistic patients A team of researchers out of the University of Missouri could have discovered two tests which could help guide physicians on how to better treat the areas of the brain responsible for language and communication. Researchers used functional MRI (fMRI) and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Autism and Her Family Life

Actress Jenny McCarthy speaks openly about her role as an advocate for children with autism and her family life. When Jenny’s son Evan was diagnosed with autism at age two, McCarthy decided that she needed to do more to promote autism awareness. She is the author of a book about autism, ‘Louder Than Words’ and

Five Facts Everybody Should Know About Autism

Autism awareness is growing at a rapid pace, but there is always more information being discovered every day. Here are five facts everybody should know about autism! There are many children living with autism spectrum disorder around the world. They require additional resources and support as they grow into young adults. Even though awareness and

The Seventh Sense, Swinging and Spinning with Autism

Swinging and spinning using an autism swing could be just what your child needs! The vestibular system inside our bodies is based on the inner ear and helps to control how we feel when we’re put into different motion situations. The information from the vestibular system is sent to our brains and helps to control

More Work Experience and Interaction Advocated by Temple Grandin for Kids with Autism

Fewer video games and more interaction and work experience are needed by kids with autism advised by well-known professor Temple Grandin Temple Grandin, a renowned writer, and professor from Colorado State University has pushed the idea that teenagers with autism should be seeking employment or work experience as soon as possible. Grandin has been urging