Wipe Clean Weighted Blanket


Wipe Clean Weighted Blankets Are Easy to Clean without Needing a Washing Machine

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Autism-Products.com proudly presents the Wipe Clean Weighted Blanket!

Wipe Clean Weighted Blanket is Hospital-Grademade with high tech, ultra durable fabric. A perfect fit for hospitals, schools or any setting where machine washing is unavailable or inconvenient. The Wipe-Clean Weighted Blankets do not require machine laundering!

Wipe-Clean Heavy Blanket is made from waterproof, breathable, tear resistant, anti-microbial fabric that is pleasant to touch. Our fabric is flame resistant (class A Barrier) and non-toxic. Cleaning the Wipe-Clean is easy, just spray fabric with disinfectant soap or fabric-safe cleaner and wipe clean and then rinse with a cloth.

You will notice the NEW Wipe-Clean Weighted Blankets are constructed with minimal stitching seams for ease of cleaning. Our plastic PET pellet weighting is the same as in all of our other products, non-toxic, lead-free and phthalate free. Pellets are distributed and secured into individually sewn chambers to ensure even weight distribution.

As is true with the Sleep Tight weighted blanket, the Wipe-Clean Weighted Blanket follows current research for effective and safe blanket weights that are between 15% and 25% of body weight.  Not recommended for people who have decreased strength due to age or illness.  The person using the blanket must be able to take the blanket off of themselves independently.

Sommerfly Wipe-Clean Weighted Blankets are proudly made in the USA with the highest standards in construction and materials.


SizePerson’s WeightAgeDimensionsWeight
X-Small22-35 lbsaround 3 years old32″W x 36″L5 lbs.
Small36-45 lbs.around 4-6 years old36″W x 42″L8 lbs.
Medium46-70 lbs.around 6-10 years old.36″W x 54″L12 lbs.
Large71-140 lbs.11-15 years old.54″W x 72″L16 lbs.
X-Largeover 141lbs.around 16 years old to adult57″W x 80″L25 lbs.


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