STRIDER® Pre-Bikes for All Abilities

Too often people with cognitive or developmental disabilities have
been unable to ride a bike or have been told by doctors and other health
care providers that they will never be able to ride a bike. With the
proper bike and a proven method to learn, this is changing!

For several years, parents of children with special needs all over
the world have been approaching Strider® and letting us know how life
changing our bikes have been for their children. STRIDER® bikes are
providing a means for inclusive social interaction and play. Suddenly, a
child that had previously been sitting on the porch while the other
children in the neighborhood rode their bikes is now riding right
alongside their peers, grinning ear to ear.

So, why is a STRIDER balance bike the best option for a person with
special needs? Our bikes break down the overwhelming task of learning
how to ride into a safe and natural progression; it’s as easy as
walking. With feet safely on the ground, a rider is easily able to
maneuver and ride our lightweight bikes.