Califone Autism Hearing Safe Protectors for Children – HS40 – 26db


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Califone Autism Hearing Safe Hearing Protector

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Autism headphones designed for kids ears!

These are designed for children that are sensitive to noise or have an auditory sensitivity. They are designed to not only reduce noise but are comfortable and user-friendly. Autism ear muffs are a terrific tool for children who need quiet or need to dampen the surrounding noise for focused activities.

Noise Reduction Rating of 26db
Rugged Polypropylene Adjustable Headstrap fits children of all sizes
Earpad is PVC rubber/leatherette
Easy to clean
Bright Red for Safety
Meets EN352.1 and ANSI S3.19

113 reviews for Califone Autism Hearing Safe Protectors for Children – HS40 – 26db

  1. Trina matthews (verified owner)

    We just received product and it comes apart really easy. they are very fragile and the ear muff is challenge to keep on.

  2. Monica Patterson (verified owner)

    These have been wonderful for my hearing sensitive son!

  3. Anonymous

    The foam inside the head phone ears is easy to take out. My son shredded it. But the head phones are still usable.

  4. Anonymous

    My daughter has downs and I have been looking for these exact head phones as they are the same she uses at school. Now we can take her more places without worrying if its too noisy for her and watch her get upset. She can carry these and enjoy the places we can now visit. Thank you for making it so very EASY to order and receive promptly.

  5. Carin S (verified owner)

    Unfortunately the headphones did not reduce sounds by much and therefore did not help my son, who is particularly upset by music, as well as by loud noises. I tried them also and did not find sounds reduced by much, if at all. I will keep trying to find something!

  6. Karen (verified owner)

    he is not autistic but hates loud noises. We go every year to a family music festival and it gets overwhelming for him about the time mom and dad are just starting to have fun. I work with kids all over the spectrum so I went online to buy these. He likes them and is looking forward to wearing his “alone headphones.” I am bringing to work this week to see if one of our kiddos will wear them also to help him out at church.

  7. relieved mom :) (verified owner)

    These work wonderful!! I have a 5 year old boy with autism. He is extremely sensitive to certain sounds and normally screams and cries when he hears them. (lawn edger, drills, blender) He knows now that when he hears these noises he puts on his special ear muffs until the noise is gone. At the park sometimes the groundskeepers will be using their lawn edgers or blowers and he will go nuts. We take them with and he puts them on if the noise is around. I wish I would have found these years ago!! Very happy customer and will be ordering another one to keep in the car.

  8. Dre

    Recently, went to the airport to go on vacation. This is a very nervous time for our family traveling. The earphones helped our son go through the airport with ease. There are so many sounds that affect a child with sensitivity to noise.

    We use them during many occasions to help our son enjoy his life (baseball games, restaurants, church, and stores).

  9. Sarah (verified owner)

    Love the head phones! Will really help in the classroom this year. Awesome experience!

  10. HARMEET SAVANUR (verified owner)

    Bought these headphones for my 5-year old who is sensitive/afraid of loud flushes in public bathrooms. Quick delivery (within 1 week of ordering) and good price. I think they are effective as he has been wearing them to the public restrooms and not getting spooked and also he is not avoiding the restrooms, which he was doing earlier.

  11. Anonymous

    After using the hush buddy earphones I am not as pleased with these. They are very stiff to put on but tend to slide off when wearing them. They do a good job of cutting the noise down in loud situations.

  12. Valerie (verified owner)

    I bought 6 of these headphones for my daughters second grade class. They really do help with noise reduction in the room and her teacher absolutly loves them! A great addition to the classroom!

  13. Erika (verified owner)


    Product received as described and received within a few days. Would definitely recommend.

  14. Micheline

    I looked all over online (and off) for a pair of isolation earphones and most of the prices were completely unreasonable. I happened upon this site and found exactly what I was lookibg for at the right price. My son loves his headphones and now our trip to Disneyland will be much more pleasurable. THANK YOU!

  15. Valerie (verified owner)

    I bought 6 of these headphones for my daughters second grade class. They really do help with noise reduction in the room and her teacher absolutly loves them! A great addition to the classroom!

  16. Kathy (verified owner)

    He didn’t like them, they were to tight on him:(

  17. Happy Mom – mom ! (verified owner)

    I had order these for a trial run for my 6 year old grandson.
    He was happy to receive them and excited to take them into school the very next day.
    When he returned home from school, he said, to his mom, his head was good today mommy . I didn’t feel like it was going to explode!
    If you ever helped out in a school luncheon room you know how loud it can be.
    I can only imagine what he’s feeling.
    So, I’m a very happy grandmother! Even if these just tunes this down enough for him to survive lunch time without a meltdown.
    Mom is going to order a few more sets for home and family outings.

  18. Accounts Payable (verified owner)

    Use them always, love them.

  19. Jennifer Medina (verified owner)

    My daughter had been wearing head phones in school, because she covers her ears a lot. They freed up her hands so that she can be better involved in class. We just went to Disney so we wanted our own set for home. We needed them in a hurry so we paid extra for the expedited shipping and they arrived in the mail super fast. Our Disney experience was amazing and she wore them most of the time.

  20. Lindsy Danzinger (verified owner)

    Great product and decent price!

  21. Robyn Hahn (verified owner)

    Shopping was easy, and the head phones are great. Got here sooner than projected.

  22. Susan Hutzenbuehler (verified owner)

    very pleased with product

  23. Amber H. (verified owner)

    Thank you for getting this product to me quickly!

  24. Ana (verified owner)

    The worse headphones I have ever bought . The right ear bud broke the first day I took it out for my son tried on.

  25. (verified owner)

    My son has a lot of sensitivity to noise . So I was really worried about the 4th of July . It was really helpful when it was dark enough to see the fireworks. It was enough of a buffer that he could enjoy it. It wasn’t enough when it was just the noise. They could have been a little more quiet for him

  26. Charlie Vargas (verified owner)

    We are very happy with this product. It is comfortable, effective, affordable, and indestructible. My son is 5 years old and has a large head, but they fit him fine and can adjust all the way down to fit my 18 month old baby well too.

  27. Laura C (verified owner)

    My little guy loves these. The only thing I would change is the mechanism to keep the ear pieces in place.

  28. MB (verified owner)

    I wanted headphones for my son so that he could block out extra noise during school or at home during study time. They are just what I needed.
    My son also has sensory issues and so the pressure from the headphones is taking some getting used to. He can only wear them for 5-10min at a time before the bothering outweighs the helpfulness.

  29. Brenda Bacon (verified owner)

    Good at blocking sounds so that student can have a pleasant experience in class

  30. Meredith Chacin (verified owner)

    The teacher reports that these earphones are helping my daughter focus better in class!

  31. Sheila Reagan (verified owner)

    I tried them on myself and they work well. They are for my 20 month old SPD and Autistic granddaughter, but she’s not a fan… Yet! We will keep trying them daily at various points until she wears them. I really think they will help her 🙂

  32. Melissa Ferrell (verified owner)

    The best part about these “headphones” (that’s what we are calling them) is that they come apart. The first thing our son does when he gets something new is figure out how to “break it down”, usually that leads to broken toys….not these headphones! Plus, he clearly feels safer and more confident in them! Great product!

  33. Nicole Graves (verified owner)

    Fantastic service. Super fast shipping!!

  34. Sarah Dwyer (verified owner)

    Nice product and came VERY fast.

  35. G.M.R (verified owner)

    Great product. Great price. It fits perfectly my 6 years old son.

  36. Matt Wilkinson, Supt. (verified owner)

    Per the teacher who ordered them:

    They are fabulous!! A big help for my kiddos when they get overwhelmed or the environment is too loud.

  37. LPalma (verified owner)

    Awesome! My son wanted to try them on while we were watching a movie and he enjoyed them. Here’s hoping they will be useful at church, public, and recreational locations … we might actually be able to go more places with fewer issues.

  38. Lincoln Mitchell (verified owner)

    Just what we needed.
    Product was more than I expected.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  39. sharita Gooden (verified owner)

    This a very useful in my home for my child who has autism. My son puts the headphone all the time when fill that his surrounding are to loud. I love the headphones, because it cuts down on my child melt downs. It a very helpful tool.

  40. Carlos lopez (verified owner)

    Well, so far my kids loved them, we got our delivery very quickly, and not problems to my door, very durable and good material

  41. Mark Flynn (verified owner)

    These work very well with noise reduction but they are poor quality. The adjustment mechanisms on the side are cheap so they slip and won’t hold to setting.

  42. Erika (verified owner)

    Fast service. Easy website. Exactly what I needed. Great price.

  43. Brandon (verified owner)

    Arrived super fast. Thank you!

  44. Sonia Calderon (verified owner)

    Love it. My daughter is using it. I’m really happy.

  45. Ivan (verified owner)

    As soon as we got them one of the ear thing came off. Now both sides come off. My son says they bother him not comfortable. Just not to happy with these.

  46. Amy (verified owner)

    awesome product work great!!

  47. Yolandra Thrash (verified owner)

    This hearing protector is a life saver when we are out in public.

  48. Jaime Martin (verified owner)

    I bought these for my 10 year old son who is autistic. I wasn’t sure how effective they would be considering the price but took a chance anyway. I’m so happy that I did!!! They work perfectly and my son loves them!!! We were actually able to go out to a restaurant and eat without him getting upset!!! I highly recommend this product.

  49. Melissa Singletary (verified owner)

    My autistic son is finally able to tolerate school fire drills wearing these ear muffs. They are red witch he associates with the color of the fire alarms & firetruck. He now attends the school drills with confidence.

  50. Shenitha Buchanan (verified owner)

    Really helped my autistic 7 year old son because his school’s cafeteria is in the basement and the acoustics are HORRIBLE!!! He can no enjoy sitting at the table for lunch and after school program without having aggressive meltdowns. The headphones came sooner than expected. I ordered online Wednesday night and they arrived Monday!

  51. Brownlee Lorena (verified owner)

    My son loves them, he often has difficulties in restaurants or stores and this has allowed him to cope with all the different sounds he encounters on a daily basis. They fit perfect and are extremely comfortable.

  52. Carrie (verified owner)

    The headphones work great however my son can easily take them apart. They do assemble easily but I’m not sure how long they will last. Maybe better for younger children. He is 1 2.

  53. Bonhomme

    Exactly as seen on site, great service and incredible price

  54. Tiffany Clark (verified owner)

    Thus far we have had great success with this product. My son hates rain, better yet thunderstorms. The last storm we had he put on the headphones and fell right back to sleep. Love, love, love!!!

  55. Anonymous

    These headphones are great because they don’t completely remove all the surrounding sounds. You can hear everything, but at a somewhat muffled tone. They drown out noise that is “too loud” without preventing the child from hearing what’s being said.

  56. Stephanie (verified owner)

    These are nice overall as they are an inexpensive way for my sons to handle places where there is lots of noise and if they set them down and lose them, there is not a lot of money lost. The only negative is that the ear piece comes of pretty easily and that can be a problem in our kids who like to fidget with things and take them apart as it increases the likelihood of us needing to replace them due to missing parts. My husband is working to find a way to attach the ear pieces better so they are less likely to fall off or otherwise get lost. in general, I would buy this product again, however and it does do its job well.

  57. Jennifer Peryam (verified owner)

    My son wore these at an air show this weekend and never once had a problem with sound or comfort. So glad to have FINALLY found something that works for him 🙂

  58. Gail Garrabrants (verified owner)

    Had hoped that the noise cancelling headphones would block more noise. We have a very echo-y gym that some children need the headphones for, not sure they will block enough sound.

  59. Amanda Erickson (verified owner)

    Work great, affordable, fast shipping

  60. Michelle Labowski (verified owner)

    Both use them in school. Teacher said she focuses on her work more. Both want another pair at home for when the other is too loud. Dad wishes they fit him.

  61. Sarah Surratt (verified owner)

    My oldest son has Autism and is very sensitive to loud sounds. I had been searching for something to help him and I decided to try these. He is excited to try them out at school for the first time. If they work for him I am looking at getting two more pairs for my younger two children who also show signs of sensitivity to loud sounds. I will be checking back for more items that may benefit all my children thank you for a wonderful site and resource for parents like me.

  62. JEnnifer LAlone (verified owner)

    Great product and shipped fast

  63. C Davis (verified owner)

    The hearing protection purchased put a smile on my grandson’s face. I delivered them in a lightweight parachute style backpack and explained to him that he should carry the backpack when he knows he’s going to a place that might be noisy. In addition, I purchased a pack of 10 pairs of soft children’s earplugs with a small carrying case that fits easily into his pocket. Now he has something he can carry in a nondescript manner everyday – just in case something gets too loud and he has his hearing protection for the occasions when we know the sounds might be too loud (movies, busch gardens, etc) Thanks so much!!!

  64. Kristy Gomez (verified owner)

    I order these for my 3 year old son. Ever since we got them he has loved having them on! He even wears them to ABA therapy and also in the car. I would definite recommend these to any parent who’s child has sensitive ears!!

  65. John Kinsey (verified owner)

    Ordered the noise-cancelling headphones, got them quickly.

  66. Tara Pitarys (verified owner)

    Ordered theses noise cancelling headphones for my ASD son and they came in less then a week! Love that they are kid size for a great fit. He has sensory issues and he finds them very comfortable. The price even with shipping was so reasonable! They also seem extremely durable. If I had to say 1 negative, I wish they had more color choices. Luckily my son liked the red. Great product! Highly recommend.

  67. Alaina (verified owner)

    Worked great!

  68. Helene (verified owner)

    I tried these headphones on our granddaughter. She is very sensitive to certain sounds…especially the television. She wore them but took them off after 10 minutes. I am not sure if it was due to ineffectiveness or comfort.

  69. Cathy West (verified owner)

    Very nice! A very cool red color… Not too big and my student wears them. They are fabulous for when our classroom gets too loud and they look good on. The price is phenomenal… It’s hard to find a good pair of hearing protectors for under $10 bucks but I did with these. Thank you for making them affordable.

  70. Betty Gunnoe (verified owner)

    I received order promptly, online ordering was quick and simple.

  71. Debbie Grimes (verified owner)

    Great product, great price. Shipped in a timely manner.

  72. Stephanie Palmer (verified owner)

    They are good and study. However, they don’t reduce much noise.

  73. Dolores Hoham (verified owner)

    They work great. Got them for my son to wear at the movies

  74. Jayson Ocampo (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and product was great and fairly priced.

  75. Anna Craven (verified owner)

    This item was exactly what I was looking for and fits my daughters needs. I’m glad I ordered two 🙂

  76. Sean (verified owner)

    Very good sound blocker. Both kids like them and will use them at school this year.

  77. Beverly Joyce (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my grandson. So far so good. He is learning to use them. Great service and very timely delivery!!!

  78. Celia Hanmore

    The headphones are excellent ordered them for my son. We went to Six Flags and he was able to walk by the rides and all the noise with no problems . I can vacuum without him crying or slamming the doors trying to escape the sound.

  79. LBridget (verified owner)

    These are great! Lightweight and the price was amazing

  80. Alice Fuller (verified owner)

    I do like these headphones but they seem to come apart to easy

  81. sunyong (verified owner)

    fits and masks sound well

  82. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    We bought these for my oldest and when they arrived, his eyes lit up and he said, “Mommy, you got ear defenders? for me?!?!” He loves to wear them to be like bob the builder. WE definitely notice a difference in behavior when he is wearing them in the store.
    As a side note, my youngest was screaming like crazy one night and my oldest went and put his ear defenders on, came back and kept on playing. Should have ordered 2

  83. Theresa (verified owner)

    These headphones are a great price and very high quality. They have been very beneficial for some of our students.

  84. Marie Godfrey (verified owner)

    Andrew was surprised that my screaming at him–done intentionally–did not hurt his ears. I think we need to try it with his yippy dog. Tyler, the younger brother took it apart right away and wouldn’t put them on again. Last I saw the two pairs of silencing headphones, they were on the counter and I was considering wearing them when the X-box game got too loud.

  85. Irene (verified owner)

    Purchase this for my son. They are light weight, cheaply made. But he loves them and that’s all that matters to me. Does the job, perfect size, and the price was good (affordable). Buy it.

  86. Shawn McCarthy (verified owner)

    I bought these for my son who has ASD, ADHD and is super sensitive to certain sounds. I thought he was going to have a hard time keeping them on as he is very fussy about things over his ears but he uses them often . Another great purchase from your site!

  87. Shauna Wark (verified owner)

    The teacher I ordered these for was extremely happy with this product.

  88. Jennifer Lawson (verified owner)

    These are perfect and exactly what he needed. Delivery was fast and everything was very professional. Thank u

  89. Dawn Cornell (verified owner)

    For the most part I am satisfied with headphones. I am alittle disappointed because I didn’t realize that they werent total noise reduction headphones. But I appreciate the prompt shipment of the item. Thanks

  90. Barbara (verified owner)

    My boy is so happy I bought these they are a miracle to loud nosies for where every we go gets too loud he knows to get his headphones. Thank u !!

  91. Kimberly Gordon (verified owner)

    A great product as always. Super fast shipping. These will be perfect for stormy weather for my son. Thanks!

  92. Stephanie Hamman (verified owner)

    Works well for my child with autism.

  93. Suzanne crittenden

    They work great! Thank you!

  94. Cindy Rusnak (verified owner)

    Comfortable and excellent at masking loud noises for those over-sensitive ears. Good price for the quality of the product.

  95. Lucy (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how well they worked when I brought my student into an assembly! Well worth the money spent!
    I was surprised how quickly they were delievered!

  96. Jane Mulcahy (verified owner)

    These headphones have made a difference for my so. That has some trouble with loud noises and background noise. They were shipped super fast – and were SUPER affordable.

  97. Casey Robinson (verified owner)

    They don’t block out noise very well. My child was upset that he could still hear everything (and I tried them on as well).

  98. teresa davis (verified owner)

    will buy from them again

  99. Mary C Peters (verified owner)

    My student was targeted to try these b/c he has a great difficulty tuning out background noise. They seemed to be a little small, but we have flexed them and he is doing fine using them in small group reading situations.

  100. Melissa (verified owner)

    The headphones are wonderful and work very well. The customer service is outstanding and I got the product so quickly. Will definitely be using this company again.

  101. Christine Berens (verified owner)

    Got them for my grandson recently diagnosed with Autism and has an issue with loud noises. His teachers tried them first in the cafeteria at school and he actually ate his lunch so we got him a pair to have at our house because he loves to go to Poppops workshop but the noises make it hard.

  102. Muneerah (verified owner)

    My son has severe sensory issues for few of specific sounds. It does not completely minimize the sound 100%; but it blends it. So, again you have to get used to it. I just have to keep telling my son to compromise and meet halfway.

  103. Katherine (verified owner)

    My 16 year old is autistic and has ADHD, with a very high sensitivity to sounds. She was very excited to get the Califone and says it helps muffle sounds a lot. We have not needed them yet, but I know when we do she will do much better. We received our order so quickly and with quick and easy ordering. Great company to do business with.

  104. Starr Butler (verified owner)

    My kid loves them and says they are effective, which is all the assurance I need.

  105. Erica Steelman

    These headphones fit securely on my son’s head to keep loud noises down. The soft cushioning on the ear pieces also helps so he doesn’t want to take them off.

  106. Kristin Norrod (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Smooth process for buying. Received quickly! My son LOVES them. I would HIGHLY recommend buying from Autism-Products!!

  107. Jessica Shumate (verified owner)

  108. Mark S

    Best price for this product. Fast shipping!

  109. Monica Gray (verified owner)

  110. Attn: EC/FED Programs (verified owner)

    Great supplier and easy to work with! Will come back and do business again!

  111. Kelly Guerra

    We bought a number of these for the students on our elementary campus for several of our SPED kids. They do a great job at reducing noise while still allowing students to hear a little bit. We have used these with non-SPED students as well to great effect; even the adults ask for a pair sometimes! Only complaint is that the headphones can snap in the middle easily, there is not a lot of give, and I had to recently purchase more pairs because elementary kids can be rough! Highly recommend these regardless!

  112. Susan Dunagan (verified owner)

    I got these for my children and they are very happy with these I can’t believe the difference

  113. Stephanie Hope (verified owner)

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