How helpful is a Fidget Spinner for Autism?

Here are a few ways a fidget spinner for autism and other fidget toys can benefit your child:

  • Fidgets are often recommended by occupational therapists to provide the right amount of sensory input.
  • They can help children with ADHD or autism concentrate by helping them to filter out extra sensory information that would otherwise be distracting.  
  • Some fidget tools have smooth or soft surfaces to promote calm and eliminate anxiety.
  • Unlike fidget spinners that can be visually distracting, many fidget objects, like putty, are designed so children (and their classmates) will keep their eyes on the teacher.
  • Fidget tools can provide relief in stressful or high-pressure situations.
  • Fidgets can be suitable for all age groups — even adults.
  • Of course, even though fidgets are important tools, they can also be fun.