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Durable, inflatable Pea Pod is made with super-strong vinyl

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Durable, inflatable Pea Pod is made with super-strong vinyl and has tough triple-welded seams for added strength. Most children on the autism spectrum can get in the pod themselves, applying deep, even pressure to many sensitive areas of the body. Some autistic children like to gently rock side-to-side for a cocooning-calm. The velvety surface is made with comfortable flocked vinyl and provides a gentle squeeze.

Small – 48″

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63 reviews for Sensory Pea Pod Small 48″

  1. Kelly C

    Not only does it provide the “squeeze” my child needs, it has handles so that you can swing your child as well.

  2. judie baker

    My 12 yr old has high functioning Asperger’s. We use “joint compression” therapy for calming anxious fidgeting. When the “PeaPod” arrived, he couldn’t wait to get in it and ever since, does homework without complaint, plays video games, watches TV and even wants to eat meals in there. His own “review” of his “Pod Friend” is like being hugged all the time and just so comfy! He “doesn’t need compression” all the time. It’s his new best friend! “It’s awesome, comforting and green!!!!” His explanation for “green” is he likes the color because it’s not crazy, bright. It’s a “sleepy”, “non-threatening”, “happy” color. Those crazy colors can make his “moody head” worse. I am so happy with this purchase! His overall mood has changed for the better and he is more relaxed and doesn’t mind doing simple things that were so hard to get him to do. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a child with sensory and anxiety issues. What a difference in my son with just a product!

  3. Jodie Luzzi

    I purchased this for my 33 month old daughter who has autism. She loves to be in tight spaces and get lots of squeezes and hugs. She loves to get in and out repeatedly and rock from side to side…the handles are great because she loves to swing while in it as well. My 6 year old son LOVES his new comfy spot…he’ll watch tv and play video games in it. I only wish it was bigger so I could lay in it too!! Thanks for offering this great product

  4. Anonymous

    My 6 year old grandson loves this! (His 8 year old brother -does not have autism – but likes it also. They are looking forward to seeing just how he will use it – how often, etc. But it arrived in time for Christmas and is now an important part of his processing sensory input. Thanks

  5. Anonymous

    My 9 year with autism is a little under 5 feet tall, and he fits perfect in the giant pea pod. He loves the pressure on his body .

  6. Jason B

    My son is a 4 year old non verbal autistic. He is constantly rocking, moving or spinning. We got the pea pod and blew it up and put it in the living room. He really did not acknowledge it until we picked him up and put him in it. Within 30 seconds he was laughing and burying himself in the pea pod. We have bought 100’s of sensory toys/therapy items and this is one that he actually loves. He uses it every day. You can rock back and forth in it as well as lay or sit in it. Out TSS was very impressed with it and has recommended it to all of his clients. Great Product!!!

  7. Nicole Lesky (verified owner)

    Took about a week to arrive after ordering. My 5 yr old Asd and Spd kiddo loves it. He’s a sensory seeker and this gives him that deep pressure he craves, and he can rock side to side as well. We’ve only had it a week and it gets a lot of use and I’ve noticed the calming effect it has on him. I anticipate this will be used for a very long time. Seems sturdy.
    Thank you! This was a blessing!

  8. Mary R (verified owner)

    For the 48″ pea pod, it’s great and my son loves it! It was easy to put air in and big enough to stretch his legs in. (He’s 3′ 3″ tall, long legs) My problem is that it isn’t steady and rocks like a boat. I have to be near him or put it between two sturdy objects to keep it steady so he will want in it.

  9. Dre

    What a great invention! The Sensory Pea Pod has really given my son a good calming mechanism. It helps him to organize his space when he is in need. He loves to sit in the pod with his IPad and just enjoy his apps.

    This product gets 5 stars!!!

  10. Theresa Wilson (verified owner)

    Great product and service. Thank you!

  11. T. Wilson

    A necessary product for those who benefit from compression…

  12. Vincent (verified owner)

    Just bought it and its amazing! its really helping to calm him down.

  13. sharon

    As a seven year old, my grandson loved his pea pod! As soon as he saw it for the first time he climbed right in and seemed so content.
    A word to the wise, however, if you have a cat in the household their claws will puncture the vinyl. We loved the product enough to replace it with a second one and hopefully we’ll get a lot more use out of this one!

  14. Donna M. Davison

    Bought this for my granddaughter with sensory issues and opened up Chistmas day The only thing is it was very hard to blow up including the inner valve we didn’t know it had till we had blown it up. There were no directions also. But we figured it out and she loves it just like a BIG hug from Nannie Best review ever from a 4 year old

  15. Amanda

    When we purchased this item we weren’t sure what to expect, but our son loves it! If he is over stimulated he will either put himself in the pod or me or his dad will and it calms him down right away. The pod also has handles on it so we are able to rock and squeeze him in it and it gives him a lot of the sensory pressure that he desires. Great product! Would definitely recommend It for any child with sensory needs 😛 However, buyer be warned that it is a larger product! So you will need to make sure you have space to use and/or store.

  16. Helen R Felt Jarrell

    The best purchase that we could have made for our son. We bought this as a Christmas present and he’s been in it ever since. He loves to cuddle in it and rock in it and I am sure if we let him he would sleep in it! He LOVES it! When he outgrows the jr. we will be getting him the larger one! I am sure that we will be able to donate or give this one to another kiddo or even donate it to an early intervention or autism program when he has outgrown it. This is simply one of the best purchases for my son that I could have made!

  17. John Wood

    This is awesome from the texture of the material all the way to the point were you can adjust how much air you want in it… Helps with pressure sensory!

  18. Carol Minor

    The peapod is very well constructed and very easy to fill sides with air. My grandson jumped in it right away and sits in it everyday. He loves the closeness that it gives him to help with his sensory issues! I highly recommend it!

  19. Ericka (verified owner)

    The previous reviews I read was a great help. The instructions were fairly understandable. I had to ask another family on how they blew it up/ gas station. My son Taylor doesn’t really like the sensory pea pod but its still fairly new. When he is in it I see alot of smiling but he doesn’t stay in it more than 2-3 minutes at a time. I still believe its a great purchase. for any child living with sensory disorders.

  20. Sharon Bramblett (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product. Our grand daughter got so much joy when she sat in this pea pod. She would sway back and forth to get that rocking motion. She would put her head down on the front and then on the back. She is too young to sit and read/look at a book in it, but I believe she will be doing this as well. Thank you

  21. Julia Sutzko

    The children love the pea pod. Thinking about getting another one next year!

  22. Betty (verified owner)

    This a great product for kids with Sensory problems. He loves it.

  23. kelly tripp

    Omg my son is 6 and I got him the pee pod to help with some of his sensory issues.It is amazing he sits in it and rocks in it.Truely a wonderful product.I would recommend this product.

  24. Sarah

    I ordered this for my son with ASD. He absolutely loves it! It seems very durable so far and he completely relaxes while in it. I had a very pleasant experience while ordering it as well. Would highly recommend the product and the company.

  25. Lucy Gottelier (verified owner)

    We were so excited at the propspect of receiving our sensory pea pod and it is just what we wanted! It’s good quality, thick comfortable material and my son loves to sit in it. It seems to be having a calming effect so that is great!

  26. katie blacskton (verified owner)

    My son loves this!!! it gives him the feeling he needs and loves it.

  27. Teresa Tucker-Lee (verified owner)

    My grandson love’s playing in his Pea Pod.
    It makes him feel like he’s being cuddle.

  28. Rose

    The Peapod was delivered by me to a primary special education classroom. It is a sturdy piece of equipment. The teacher reported kids like it and it seems to help calm them. The Peapod has 2 separate “air pillows” too, so it can be inflated/deflated separately.

  29. Jennifer Strand (verified owner)

    My kids love this chair. was nice to work with especially when I ordered the wrong size.

  30. Sheri Beale (verified owner)

    Helps desensitize after a full day of school

  31. Amy King

    I love this product and so does my autistic son. The quality is outstanding and the price is about the same everywhere this product is carried. It was packaged very nice and came at a very reasonable time. I would highly recommend this product and store. Thank you for making shopping an easy task!!

  32. Tammla Read

    Great product! My grandson is always sensory seeking. This product seems to be more calming effect on h and he has had no stemming events while using the pea pod. I will be buying the large size when he grows out of this one.

  33. Liz B

    My teenager is very happy with the large size that arrived. Because you can adjust the inflation on the sides, you are able to make it as cozy as you need. Even though my child is tall (5′ 9″), the large is a good size to curl up in to read, do home work, play on the laptop, or just regain their space. Very comfortable, Very durable, and Very Happy! Thanks for a great product.

  34. Denys Collins

    Our son loves it,and it arrived quickly!!

  35. Helene (verified owner)

    We have three grandchildren with sensory issues. I have tried it out on our six year old granddaughter and she loves it while watching television. Our three year old grandson is not interested in it. We will try it with our four year old grandson this weekend. If he likes it, I will buy another one for our six year old. The material of the pea pod is soft and comfortable.

  36. Eric Loria (verified owner)

    My son is 8 years old with sensory issues this is great tool to unwind when he gets home from school he absolutely loves it!!

  37. Mary Lou Loesch

    My grandson likes the pea pod. Iniatlly we had problems with it tipping over.It had to be placed next to something, e.g., a sofa or chair. After experimenting with the inflation for the bottom. It works much better. I’m very pleased with it now. You never know what he will like/use.
    Sincerely, Mary Lou

  38. Sandy (verified owner)

    My students have enjoyed using the PeaPod in class. I even had a student fall asleep during rest time in it. It’s definitely a big hit in our class!

  39. Steve P.

    Very Durable . It looks like it will last a long time.

  40. Dorothy Carter

    This was a birthday gift that went over very well. We purchased quite a few items and they were all great. Made of nice material and the size is great!

  41. LBridget (verified owner)

    Students love it! It’s a perfect size and really is a great calm down chair to relax

  42. Karly Gibson

    I have used the Pea Pod in the past with my students. I have a son with sensory needs and he loves it. He’s 3 and calls it his boat. It works great!!

  43. Linda Mayotte

    I bought the pea pod for my grandson’s 7th birthday. He uses it all the time – for playing, comfort and just relaxing. His parents tell me this has been such a great product for him.


    My grandson loves this. It’s very comforting to him & he has big smiles when he’s in it

  45. Mary (verified owner)

    I bought this for my Godchild and both he and his therapist love it.
    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the value is incredible.

  46. Michelle (verified owner)

    Little guy loves it. They have a similar one at daycare and now he has his own at home. No regrets on this purchase at all . Good quality and would recommend!

  47. Conway Schools

    What an excellent idea! Our 6th -7th graders love our Sensory Pea Pod. They even ask to read while relaxing. When ordering, understand the body will not fit in the narrow portions of the very front and back of the Pod. Order big enough so that there’s plenty of room to sit in the middle of the Pod. For ex, the large Pod is 60in but student can only sit comfortably in about 40 -45 inches of the Pod.

  48. Ann carletti (verified owner)

    Looking forward to using it in the classroom. Well made. Appreciate the quick response in answering my questions.

  49. Denise Mahoney (verified owner)

    This pea pod is going to get a lot of use from my grandson. It is nice and heavy material and very durable.

  50. sarah bowler

    We have had the pea pod for almost two weeks. Bought for my daughter who has severe autism. She loves to tear things apart and so far the pea pod has held strong. From the moment she noticed it she has loved being in the pea pod. It really has a calming effect on her. She is so in love with it that she sleeps in it at night. Would definitely recommend this to autism parents out there!

  51. Courtney Hedrick (verified owner)

    Gave this to my son for his 4th birthday and he immediately got in and calmed right down. This product is so amazing and am so glad they have these products for the times he is having sensory overload.

  52. Happy Mom

    I was on the fence not really knowing how my 9 year old son would respond to this.. well let me tell you, he loves it!! I highly recommend.. and Kelly was a wonderful help.

  53. Kim Caston

    My nephew loved it. Made well in durable

  54. Sara Wojcik

    Constructed of heavy duty material, which seems durable. Is quite large, so takes up some space, bu t our autistic grandson enjoys climbing in and out of it. He was just introduced to it this morning, so we haven’t yet seen how much he will use it. It is puffy when inflated, so it does tend to enfold him when he’s down inside it. He likes to be hugged and wrapped, so I’m hoping he will like this.

  55. Carrie Carpenter

    This pod is so perfect for our little girl!
    She loves the pressure around her. Shipping was so fast too!

  56. Terry Gentry

    received product promptly
    excellent quality

  57. Samantha Vires

    Very happy with the product. Easy to set up and my son loves it. He has even tried to sleep in it, but we had to explain he can have a blanket but he can’t sleep in it. He loves all the pressure he gets while in it.

  58. SHIRLEY (verified owner)

    I encourage everyone to get the pod it instantly calms my daughter down. I couldn’t be more pleased with this product.

  59. Martha (verified owner)

    My grandson LOVES this product- and so do his cousins. I have now ordered pea pods for them , too!

  60. Bonnie Brennan (verified owner)

    This is the first time I have used this site. But now that I have found it. I will continue to use it. I have a beautiful 9 year old grandson. Who is such an angel and gifted. And I know he will get hours of enjoyment from the pea pod. So thank you.

  61. Brenda (verified owner)

    My granddaughter loves it. Easy to inflate.
    She is 3, its just the right size for her with plenty of growing room.

  62. Erica Steelman

    This pea pod has been the best product for calming our autistic son! We can sit him in it to calm him down if he starts to melt down. He also sits in it to relax! I wish we’d purchased this years ago!

  63. Stephanie Hope (verified owner)

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