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Sensory and strengthening ball.

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Yuck-E-Balls are among the most tactile, oversized balls to hold and their weight provides great kinesthetic feedback. Yuk-E-Balls’ seamless PVC shells are durable and filled with 3/4″D (2cm) PVC balls in a non-toxic gel. This combination of materials creates a fluid environment, within which the PVC balls glide easily when squeezed. Yuk-E-Balls stop where dropped, making them a great alternative to beanbags. Size: 90mm (3-1/2″), 283.5g (10oz). Ideal for special needs therapy Filled with non-toxic gel that gives a fun texture. Assorted colors. From the award winning line of Special Needs Solutions

5 reviews for Yuck-E-Ball

  1. Matthew (verified owner)

    The ball is a nice size and weight and my kids all fight over it!

  2. Anna Beattie (verified owner)

    This ball seems sturdy for those that are older/stronger. I just was expecting it to be a little more rubbery or elastic – maybe filled more.

  3. Dee (verified owner)

    My toddler has a thing about textures. She uses a large ball like this in her day program but it is too large for her to really get into the feel of it and they blow that one up a bit so it’s even harder to feel the balls inside.
    This one is perfect for her little hands. And she’s been inseparable with it since it arrived! We leave it flat so she can feel the balls and gel inside of the ball. She loves the texture and she rubs it all over her face; it’s a type of semi tacky shinny rubber but not sticky.. is the best way I can describe it.
    Our latest discovery is that it helps with her tantrums… we give it to her to squeeze when she’s irritated and it works like a charm.

  4. ottia bottorf (verified owner)

    i couldnt use it as i have breathing issues. the ball had the strongest hospital smell like you smell in surgery rooms. it effected my breathing. i gave it to a friend. they say they like it..

  5. Deborah L Bunten (verified owner)

    Just found out about these balls over Christmas. Bought 3for my grandchildren. Can’t wait to play catch!
    Service and website are great. These toys are great for all kids!

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