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The Steamroller is designed to provide the ideal heavy work that many kids with neurological processing disorders

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Some children crave deep pressure, and the Southpaw Autism Steam roller is a fun way to get it!  Your children will love the challenge of crawling between the rollers and being Squeezed by the Steamroller.

This autism squeeze machine is designed to provide the ideal heavy work that many kids with neurological processing disorders (SPD, Autism, etc. ) need.  This Double Squeezer can accommodate a small child up to an average sized adult. The individual crawls through or between the sets of rollers just like being wrung through a clothes ringer. Pressure exerted can be varied by adjusting the tension on the springs. Children should be supervised at all times. Provides deep pressure input and assists with motor planning and processing.

Working Load= 300 lbs
Dimensions: Width=29″
Length=33 1/2″
Weight=31 lbs

19 reviews for Autism Steam Roller

  1. Brett (verified owner)

    Great product for providing deep pressure to people who need it. Our classrooms are calmer since we’ve had this device, and now we don’t have to sit on the kids!

  2. Amanda Sallinen (verified owner)

    My son craves deep pressure, and absolutely loves his steam roller! He had one at school, and once summer rolled around we noticed his need was increasing for the deep pressure he was no longer getting. We ended up purchasing one for at home to help with the long school breaks and even weekends.

  3. Ann (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, all intact.
    Easy online ordering.

  4. Nicole (verified owner)

    I purchased the steam roller for my autistic son. He enjoys firm pressure. So in combination with other tactile things, such as trampoline, yoga ball, etc, having a steam roller at home is helping him to manage his sensory input during the school day.

  5. luekos (verified owner)

    Teachers and children love it! we have all tried it! Thanks

  6. Bliss P. (verified owner)

    We have two sons, ages 6 and 8, who both have significant sensory input needs. The Autism Steamroller does a great job of meeting those needs! This is a substantial piece of equipment, arrives completely assembled, and is very well made. It has a 300 lb weight limit, so even I take turns with my kids squeezing through! They are delighted to see me do that, and honestly it does feel good. Well worth the money.

  7. Pauline Ripp

    Haven’t actually used the steamroller yet, it is a Christmas present. I hope it will help my grandson with some of his pressure issues.

  8. Amy (verified owner)

    My son finds this calming, which is good, as he’s become more aggressive of late.

  9. meghan tarantino (verified owner)

    This product appears to b very well made
    There is a chunk of material missing from a piece that the top roller rests on, hopefully this won’t effect long term use
    Purchased for my son to address sensory needs
    It has a tighter fit to roll through than I expected but I’m sure he’ll get used to it
    I like that they gave extra tension bands

  10. Octavio Matos (verified owner)

    A little too expensive for such a simple product. Although my son loves it. Now he has one at school and home.

  11. sharon jakelski (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the excellent customer service! We were in desperate need of this item and most vendors we contacted had a 6 – 8 week delivery timeline. Working with your organization was outstanding. We received our order within 5 weeks. I highly recommend you on the basis of communication and efficiency of fulfilling orders, not to mention the best price. Thank you again!

  12. laura v. (verified owner)

    I ordered this product through a grant I achieved through our school district. I am a para pro and work with children with special needs. I knew our school needed this to help our students get the sensory impact this product provides and enable our students to get through the school day with focus and the comfort the steam roller provides. The product was exactly as it states, the customer service was prompt and so was delivery. I would highly recommend Autism Products to any one in need of great products.

  13. Accounts (verified owner)

    Thank you for the quick shipping and great customer service.

  14. Lindsay scott (verified owner)

    Seems well built. So far Dylan is a little scared to use. We have taken off the pressure bands on sides to see if he will venture into the rollers. Any suggestions you may have let us know. It just may take awhile for him to be comfortable crawling through.

  15. Imogene k (verified owner)

    My son has likes the pressure he gets from the steam roller. He will go back through it 8-10 times . Seems to be giving him what he needs. He has Down syndrome an also autism. Very pleased with the product, and quality. Was a great price as well!

  16. amy

    We ordered this and less than a week later it was delivered!!!! And considering we have a son who has had horrible sensory overload and we were are our wits end in trying to find ways to help him? This was an answer to prayers!!! Merry early Christmas to the whole family! Our son has not spent more than a few minutes away from it since it arrived today!!! Thank you for the speedy service and the wonderful product! This will be a life changer for our child!!!!

  17. Amanda Hoffman (verified owner)

    The steam roller was delivered quickly and is great quality!

  18. Michael Sgobbo (verified owner)

    Timely shipping. Great prices. No assembly required!

  19. Christopher J (verified owner)

    Our school received a donation for this machine. The students love it and it has helped several of my students with their sensory needs. We supplement (high functioning AU) with weights, a mini trampoline, a swing, weighted devices, and a multitude of handier items: putty, sand trays, gel trays, glitter tubes, etc. Thank you for delivering it in 1 piece! This autism support teacher appreciates you!!

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