Body Sox ® X-Large


X-Large Body Sox measuring 66 x 28 inches

Estimated delivery between Sep 24 and Sep 27


X-Large Body Sox measuring 66 x 28 inches.  Watch children and adults alike become enraptured as they begin to understand and explore the three-dimensional space they individually occupy within the bodysox.  Body Sox by Dyenamic Movement Products are designed specifically for spatial awareness through balance and resistance. Each pillowcase-like sack is constructed from four-way stretch Lycra with a reinforced hook and loop-closed entrance. Once inside the body sock, users find themselves in a private domain that begs for kinesthetic exploration. As they move their shapes become amorphous and art-like.  Because the Lyrca is translucent on body socks they can see the shapes being created around them.

*Sorry, colors can not be specified*

The Original!  Made in the USA!


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