Sensa Trak


Provides children with a variety of motor and sensory input.

Estimated delivery between Oct 24 and Oct 28


Kids, teachers, and parents have all fallen in love with the Sensa Trak. Just the slightest movement inside the air-filled tube provides children with a variety of motor and sensory input while challenging their balance. Rhythmic rocking calms and soothes, while erratic bouncing, rotation, and shaking can provide the just-right input for some kids. It is fun to ride on top like a magic carpet. Gentle bounces feel like a floating trampoline bringing smiles to everyone! Place on its side for a cozy cool-down space. Requires a power inflator. Approximately 50” (127 cm) O.D., 32” (81 cm) I.D. Heavy duty vinyl, yet weight limit is 65 lbs. (29.5 kg).


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