B-Calm Hideaway


B-Calm Hideaway


Autism-Products.com proudly introduces the B-Calm Hideaway!

Sometimes young children with sensory challenges need a familiar space to help them relax and regain control after stressful activities or events. The b-Calm Hideaway is designed to be their personal retreat. Made from durable, extra-thick cardboard and designed for quick setup and take down, it can be easily folded up and transported for use anywhere the child requires a safe hideaway. Children will love customizing their safe space with a favorite picture, sensory activity or toy. 30”W X 30”D x 40”H.

Sensory Solutions / Auditory Solution
Sold as Single Unit
Grade Level: Early Childhood-Elementary
Designed by experts, perfect for use at home or the classroom
Short Name: Auditory Listening System – B-Calm Hideaway


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