Sportime Slo-Mo Ball (75cm/29.5 inch)


Sportime SloMo Ball (75cm/29.5 inch)

Estimated delivery between Nov 21 and Nov 25

Description proudly introduces the Sportime SloMo Ball (75cm/29.5 inch) !

SloMo Balls (short for slow motion) are strong, light, easy to grasp and have wide inflation ranges. Their extreme, light weight allows them to float just a little bit, providing a slower movement that s easier to eye track. You control bounce and softness by the amount of air you blow in (through straw or inflator). Balls even bounce when semi-inflated; a state that allows easy grasping by those with neuromuscular problems.

Each ball supports up to 300 lbs.

Balls shipped in random high-visibility colors.

75cm (29-1?2″) diameter.


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