Movin Sit Inflatable Wedge Seat Junior


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Movin Sit Inflatable Wedge Seat Junior

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Inflatable 10″ x 10″ wedge seat has properties of dynamic seating and static positioning. It combines sitting on a ball and wedge to encourage correct anatomical seating. Movin’ Sit requires active participation from its user in assuming a correct sitting posture. User’s pelvis is placed in an anterior tilt to prevent slouching and correctly align the spine. Surface is comfortably bumpy, allowing air to circulate beneath the buttocks while providing acupressure. Easily inflated by mouth. Colors may vary.

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  1. Larissa (verified owner)

    These cushions have helped so many of students. Students with sensory needs, students who are on the spectrum, as well as students who have adhd have all been able to sit and focus better when using the cushion. They are hard to come by in my school so I decided to purchase 2 of my own so I always have them when I need them. This site also offered them for the best price that I could find.

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  2. Accounts Payable (verified owner)

    Beyond helpful for the right kid. This cushion gives the kids a place to wiggle without getting out of their seat. Disappears as soon as you sit on it, so it’s not a distraction for the others. I have used these for many years, and I have never had one become unusable for any reason. They give you a lot of BANG for the buck!

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  3. Jill (verified owner)

    My daughter loves her own special seat.

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