Califone Hush Buddy Panda Earmuff Hearing Protector


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Califone Hush Buddy Panda Earmuff Hearing Protector

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Description presents – Califone Hush Buddy Panda Earmuff Hearing Protector

Designed for your children with noise sensitivity, these noise reduction earphones are comfortable and user-friendly. Just pop them on and they go to work! A terrific tool for children who need quiet for sensitivity or for focused activities.

Each Hush Buddy features an industry leading noise reduction rating
(NRR) of 27dB, which lets in 24.2% less sound than the closest
competitive item.

26 reviews for Califone Hush Buddy Panda Earmuff Hearing Protector

  1. Liz (verified owner)

    Perfect. As described and pictured. Prompt delivery.

  2. Kathleen M. Patterson (verified owner)

    The 10 year old girl loves them! I like the tight fit. This product is helping her block out the noise from a disruptive student and allowing her to do more in class. Thanks! And a good price!

  3. Shannon Hoogewind (verified owner)

    They fit my sons head perfectly. They also have lots of room to adjust as he grows. I feel like they block more sound then the generic version of sound blocking headphones. A great purchase!

  4. Lilliana S (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great product.

  5. Sarah Lopez (verified owner)

    This was a great transaction, very speedy shipping and a great product. My daughter has been wearing these earmuffs in the (very loud) school lunchroom, which actually allows her to be able to eat her lunch and talk to her friends. They block out the surrounding noise but she can still have a conversation. They help her in class when she has to concentrate, as well. Thank you!

  6. Parker Hughes (verified owner)

    My son LOVES his headphones!

  7. Brit (verified owner)

    My 4 year old seems to like them. We purchased them for her to wear at daycare when it gets loud. She has developmental delays and sensory issues.

  8. Stephanie Burdick (verified owner)

    He loves them, they are cute, comfy, and easy for him to use. I love how they fold up nicely to take places, too.

  9. Chasiti Vannatta-DuBose (verified owner)

    Thus is cute and holds out sou d good but I really wish the headband part was adjustable. Not all kids have super small heads. I got 2 of these and 1 fit my daughter good but my son has a bigger head and it’s really small on him and made his head hurt

  10. Maria Villarruel (verified owner)

    I ordered this product 2 weeks ago and I’m very satisfied with it. My son ‘s ears are very sensitive to loud noises, so this product came in handy. My son adored these cute panda earmuffs and so did I. The product does what it says. It protects and soothes my 7 year old autistic son’s ears from loud noises. My son wears his earmuffs at home when there’s background noise coming from the blender or when my oldest daughter is playing her flute. The earmuffs also block noise coming from the pencil sharpener which my son hates. So as soon as my son hears these sounds, he immediately hands me his earmuffs for me to put them on him. I also send my son’s earmuffs to school in his backpack for him to use while in the classroom to block all the loud noises he dislikes listening to. His teacher was pleased with my son’s earmuffs. Thanks to these earmuffs, my son no longer has to cover his ears like he used to. Thanks

  11. Barbara W (verified owner)

    My 6 year old has Aspergers, Anxiety, and Sensory Integration Disorder. He has a lot of difficulty in loud places and these headphones are a big help. We haven’t used them much yet, but I plan to try them in a movie theater (hoping he can still hear to some extent) and an upcoming party that will have a lot of people and a DJ.

  12. Bought them for myself to help with sound sensitivity. They fit me (a 16 year old girl) well. I’ve had them for a year and they’ve held up pretty well. Only problem was with one of the metal bars that adjusts the height. One side still works, but the other will not adjust, which makes for a lopsided fit.

  13. Accounts (verified owner)

    This product is GREAT!! I use them on a daily basis for students with Autism. They really help with over stimulation.

  14. Becky Kindred (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping, the product was cute, however, they are smaller than I expected. Because they fit so snugly on my 6 yr. Olds head, they do start to irritate her after a while.

  15. glenn lamboy (verified owner)

    Easy ordering,great prices,and fast delivery. I will definitely order again and refer some friends.

  16. Jurice (verified owner)

    My niece has Autism and she is highly sensitive to loud noise. These earmuffs worked marvelous. She can go into movie theaters, circus or anywhere there is acoustical sounds without a worry.

  17. Cheyenne Williams (verified owner)

    Don’t block out all the noise but reduce it significantly to a more comfortable level.b

  18. Carole Schultz (verified owner)

    This seems to be the perfect thing for my 4 year old who really doesn’t do well with loud noises or spaces. So glad I found this website, it was easy and quick and a great price. I am sure I will order more of your products in the future.

  19. Dawn (verified owner)

    I bought these for my daughter and she loves them! The order came quickly without any delays. I will be ordering from thus company again.

  20. Celsa Rodriguez (verified owner)

    So far the ear protectors are great. We are still working on getting him to feel comfortable wearing them as it is with all new things. I think they will be very helpful for us.

  21. Natosha Monego (verified owner)

    The earphones are adjustable on the sides where the ears connect to the headband. My daughter loves the panda graphics on the ear covers. Shipping was a reasonable turnaround time.

  22. Aimee Desrosiers (verified owner)

    These headphones are perfect for my 3 year old daughter, she has autism and hates any loud noises, which is hindering her from playing outside. They fit great, work great, and look cute with the panda on ear piece, love them.

  23. DEBI HARRISON (verified owner)

    Bought this for a family members child, we have yet to receive any feed back on the item. However, ordering with this company was a breeze. Not one issue to report. Quick delivery and all items were as described

  24. Lailanie Ventura (verified owner)

  25. Karisan white (verified owner)

    My daughter is in love with her pandas as she calls them.
    Very comfortable and exactly what she needed

  26. Trish

    I LOVE these headphones! My daughter is extremely sound sensitive and has Down syndrome. Before she would drop to the floor stopping while walking but now because of these headphones, she enjoys watching the fireworks show at Disneyland. We are even able to eat in restaurants. They changed our life!!! Plus they are comfortable as well as cute. I’ve recommended them to many parents.

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