How Can You Get Involved In Autism Awareness Month?

If you’re interested in joining in during Autism Awareness Month in April, then here’s how! The twelfth World Autism Day is on April 2, 2019. This will kick off a month of different programs and events around the world dedicated to spreading awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Autism Society launched World Autism Day to

Learning Tools for Kids with Autism

Kids on the spectrum, as well as those with ADHD and other neurological disorders, learn, absorb and process information differently than other people. And of course, learning abilities and styles vary widely among kids with these disorders. They frequently rely on a single learning style and aren’t able to readily adapt if the learning environment

Creating A Safe Home For A Child With Autism!

If you need tips or advice on creating a safe home for a child with autism, then keep reading, and we’ll give you the rundown! A home that you think may be suitable for all children may be completely different than a home that is safe and secure for a child with autism. Creating a

New Study Says Immunizations Aren’t To Blame for Autism!

A decade long study into the effects of immunizations on children has found no links to autism a Danish-led group has discovered! A study, led by Danish scientists, which has been underway for over a decade and includes over 650,000 children has finally put the immunization theories and misinformation to rest. They have concluded that

Children With Autism Are More Than Twice As Likely To Have Trouble Sleeping!

A new study has found that If your child has autism, then they could be twice as likely to suffer from sleep problems. There are several different factors which influence the sleep patterns of 2-5-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder. They are more likely to resists set bedtimes, experience difficulty falling asleep and often wake

Weighted Blankets Are Gaining Popularity Around The World!

Over the last few years, weighted blankets have become more popular and mainstream, with a huge amount of great reviews from users. More and more companies are coming out with their own varieties of weighted blankets, and mainstream media are promoting the benefits of weighted blankets for trouble sleeping, anxiety and stress. What many people

Medical Marijuana Bill To Allow Marijuana Use For Autism Advances

A bill which would allow people with autism in Colorado with autism to access medical marijuana has made its way past its first hurdle. The bill would see autism spectrum disorder added to the list of medical conditions which qualify patients to utilize a medical marijuana card with their doctor’s recommendation. The bill was sponsored

The Super Bowl-A-Thon Is Raising Awareness About Epilepsy and Autism!

Super Bowl week is here, and the traveling Super Bowl-A-Thon is rolling into town! Eighteen years ago, the Super Bowl-A-Thon was created and had traveled alongside the Super Bowl ever since. This year the Super Bowl-A-Thon will be at the Bowlmor Lanes in Atlanta, GA. Super Bowl-A-Thon was created to help raise awareness about autism.