Superactive LED Fiber Optics Bundle


Superactive LED Fiber Optics Bundle

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Description proudly introduces the Superactive LED Fiber Optics Bundle!

This bundle provides yet another great way to develop color recognition and cause & effect skills. Press one of the eight colors on the wireless controller and the fiber optics will change to that color. Wonderfully tactile, the fiber optics can be laid across a person s lap to create a close, hands on experience. The unit could be used for social interaction, color recognition, color matching and can be used in a sensory room, on a ward or in almost any environment. Its calming mode with slowly changing colors can be used for relaxing or de-escalation for individuals with dementia. This mode automatically starts if no button is activated for a period of 5 minutes. The fiber optics utilize the very latest LED technology to produce vibrant colors that never fade and because it’s LED there s no lamp to change making this unit almost maintenance free! Operates on mains voltage transformed to low voltage. There is no electricity in fiber optics, just light, making them the safe way to get light close to a user. The unit is designed to be portable but the lightsource must be kept out of reach. The wireless controller is powered by integral batteries (supplied) and operates from a distance of up to 90 ft. Dimensions: Lightsource: 8 high x 6 wide x 5 deep; Controller: 13 diameter x 3 deep; Fiber Optics: 6 6 x 100 strands; All dimensions are approximate.


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