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Wonderful aid to deal with difficult behavioral issues associated wityh sensory disorders.

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The Weighted Soft Vest provides the body with additional input to the muscles and joints, providing the proprioceptive system with more information. Very often, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and other neurological challenges respond well to either weight or pressure. This Weighted Soft Vest is designed to allow the therapist or caregiver to tailor the distribution and amount of weight for one child, or many, using the eight internal pockets that line the front, back and sides. Hook and loop closures at the shoulders and sides allow for easy placement and adjustment, with the side closures around back to prevent unwanted adjustment or removal. Extra fabric at the side closure overlaps to allow room for growth and the bottom portion of the vest folds up to shorten the vest for individuals with shorter midsections. Made from durable and comfortable flame retardant polyester material, the vest can be machine washed (without weights).

A common weight recommended for use is 5% of a client’s weight, and we suggest you consult with the child’s therapist to adhere to the individual’s need. Measure around the chest for width, and from shoulder to waist for length.

Colors vary by size.
The shorter length shown is with the bottom of the vest folded.

SizeColorLengthWidthWeightsTotal Weight
X-SmallRed12-16 in.24 in.16 – 2 oz.2 lbs.
SmallBlue15-20 in.30 in.8 – 2 oz. & 8 – 4 oz.3 lbs.
MediumGreen17-22 in.34 in.16 – 2 oz. & 8 – 4 oz.4 lbs.
LargeBlack19-24 in.39 in.8 – 4 oz. & 8 – 8 oz.6 lbs.
X-LargeGrey22-27 in.44 in.16 – 4 oz. & 8 – 8 oz.8 lbs.

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Soft Weighted Vest

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  1. Jason Anderson

    It was great , my son loves his vest, he doesn’t want to take it off, he had a great first day of wearing it @ school yesterday and hope he has the same results today

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