OPTI Aura LED Projector


OPTI Aura LED Projector

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Creating your own home sensory environment has never been easier with this amazing multi-effect projector!

Using the many of the same effects found in sensory rooms across the
world, the new OPTI Aura LED Projector also features WI-FI connectivity,
dimming, and off-timer capabilities. Each projector comes with one
6-inch effect wheel that fits easily on the integral wheel rotator. With
over 200 effect wheels (including magnetic wheels) to choose from, you
can create the perfect calming environment for your sensory room user!

There’s no more hunting for a remote control with the OPTI Aura LED
Projector, too! You can turn the Aura on and off or dim it to the best
brightness setting right from your smartphone using the remote app for
iOS and Android. Just connect the projector to your WI-FI networks and
you’re ready to go!

Additional features of the OPTI Aura LED Projector include:

  • Silent Operation
  • Cool Running
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Significant Energy Savings
  • 100,000+ Hour LED Life
  • Accepts Over 200 OPTI Effect Wheels


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