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Children adore rhyming words. By utilizing their interest you can use this book to guide children to master and enjoy rhyming and repetition. Activities encourage students to play with words, build a bank of rhyming words and provide a great introduction to poetry. Rhyme and Repetition has been organized into five sections:1.My Rhyming Dictionary: Students can build their bank of rhyming words and create a 14 page dictionary.2.Rhyming Games: Involving students in the making of their own games will help them feel the rhyme and rhythm of the words. 3.Activity Pages: Over 30 activity pages on such themes as animals, school, home and word play will reinforce rhyming words after Story Time or Independent Reading. 4.Creative Writing Pages: Students are encouraged to complete, continue, and fill in the blanks in short stories based on rhymes.5.Nursery Rhyme Pages: Using over 12 Mother Goose rhymes, the students are asked to identify, classify, sequence, and rewrite the rhymes. Grades K-3.


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