Joki Hanging Nest Swing- Dolphy Blue


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Includes SmartSwivel Safety Component and integrated suspension


The Joki Hanging Nest Swing in Dolphy Blue is the perfect refuge for children on the autism spectrum. It offers relaxation and sensory calming in children 3 to 10 years old. Wrapped in organic cotton, sitting on the large and soft seat cushion, children find peace and quiet! It will delight any child. It can be mounted in the child’s room, in the backyard or even taken along on trips. It comes with a large and detachable soft pillow.

The Joki hammock autism swing has saved me numerous times. Swinging my son always calms him down and with the heat of Arizona it is sometimes impossible to use the swing set outside. I have the Joki Hanging Nest in the playroom where he can curl up inside anytime he needs to “get away”.

Features of Joki Hanging Nest Swing:

  • Large detachable, cuddly cushion.
  • Spacious 27″ wide x 59″ Length.
  • Holds up to 175lbs.
  • Made from 100% organic cotton outer and polyester filling.
  • Machine Washable. Colorfast material (won’t fade).
  • Integrated suspension
  • SmartSwivel Safety Component

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35 reviews for Joki Hanging Nest Swing- Dolphy Blue

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  1. Tim C (verified owner)

    This swing was very easy to install and good quality!
    And it shipped super quickly! Thanks

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  2. Cherie Winters (verified owner)

    My grandchildren love this hammock when they need quiet and privacy. It’s a great place for them to read or simple rest. The price is also the lowest I found on any site and delivery was quick. I’ll order from this site again!

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  3. Daniel McKizzie (verified owner)


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  4. Lori Isenberg (verified owner)

    This swing is amazing! I got it for my son who has autism and ADHD. He loves it. Even my daughter and her friends love it. It was a great price, and also came with a hanging kit. It is very strong and good quality. Would definitely recommend this swing!

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  5. Anonymous

    Our son loves it. I just wish it had a stand you could hang it from though.

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  6. Anne Bombard (verified owner)

    This swing was purchased for our church’s “Buddies” classroom. Because the ceilings in our building are close to 60 feet tall (with drop-ceilings), I also purchased a swing stand since we could not hang the swing from the ceiling. It works perfect and will be a great quiet space for our students. It’s slightly hard to get out of, but just takes a little wiggling 🙂

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  7. Martha Dennis (verified owner)

    It was not difficult to install. My grandson went right to it and sat. He swings it using his feet to push off. We are all very pleased. The material it’s made of seems strong & the seat pillow is a plus. Would recommend it for any child, not just a child on the spectrum.

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  8. Beverly Reis (verified owner)

    My 4 year old Grandson LOVES, LOVES His NEST Swing , I Will MUST DEFFIANTLY ORDER AGAIN, Well Worth what we paid for it . THANK YOU So very Much .

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  9. Sherral Mann (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with how quickly the item shipped. We have not heard from our teacher(s) as to how the item is working out.
    Everything thus far has been a great experience.

    Sherral Mann

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  10. Nicole Yost (verified owner)

    Great pricing and color options. Shipping was fast.

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  11. James Lewis (verified owner)

    Our grandson loves the product! He uses it everyday! Durable material and bright color.

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  12. John Wood (verified owner)

    My 6 year old Autistic son loves this swing!!! Very comfortable for him to set in and very easy to hand up…

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  13. Sheila3m

    I can hear my son right now just having the time of his life in the Joki swing. It’s stimulates him when that’s what he wants, it calms him when thats what he needs. Great product and great customer service.

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  14. Carrie Mifflin (verified owner)

    My grandson has severe autism and he is going to absolutely love his little getaway! Calming and peaceful times to come!

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  15. Patricia Piggott (verified owner)

    nolan loves his swing i like the bright colors it is made sturdy

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  16. Christine (verified owner)

    I have a 3 year old son who loves to swing. The motion is very comforting to him. I have bought 3 or 4 toddler swings that have broken because of his use. This will be a Christmas present for him so we haven’t set it up but working with this company has been great. They are quick to answer emails and questions. I teach special education K-3 class and see many items that I could use in my classroom. I got my swing And hardware set very quickly. I will order from this site again 🙂

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  17. Vincent (verified owner)

    Its a great product of great quality.

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  18. Ronan (verified owner)

    Great swing, took a little longer to get the color we wanted but store support was very responsive and when it did come in delivery was fast.

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  19. sarah carnahan (verified owner)

    My daughter LOVES this chair! Since we put it up in her room, this is her new favorite place to sit! It also helps with giving her more sensory input when she needs it, which is very important to me!

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  20. NH mom

    This is our 4th swing we’ve purchased and by far the favorite!! It’s the perfect blend of cozy but still allows our child to see out. Can’t say enough good about it. I would definitely buy it again.

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  21. Bill

    I bought the hammock for my grand son who has Angel Man’s Syndrome. He really like getting up in his Joki Hammock a swinging and twirling around. It’s kinda like a “man cave” for a 3 year old?

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  22. Anonymous

    My 7 yr old grandson LOVES his crow’s nest. Everyday he asks to hang it up and he sits in it, reads, plays on his IPAD and enjoys his private place. It’s his special place. He used to go under his bed covers, basically to get rid of outside distractions and noise, the crow’s nest helps so much with this – we are very pleased.

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  23. Dawn M (verified owner)

    We bought this for our 4 year old autistic son and it as helped him tremendously with his afternoon sensory integration issues. We bought a steel c-frame for indoor use and it works perfectly. Our son is big for his age, at 3’6″ and 50lbs and this holds his size easily.

    I highly recommend this swing!

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  24. Glory Kase (verified owner)

    The swing is amazing!! It keeps my son occupied for hours! HE LOVES IT!! We found it easy to install and very durable. I would suggest this product to anyone!! GREAT!!! 🙂

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  25. Linda Davis (verified owner)

    We just installed our Joki Hammock today as one of our alone spots. The kids love it!

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  26. Luz Santiago (verified owner)

    My 3 year old grandson loves it. We bought 2, donated one to the school he attends.

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  27. Molly (verified owner)

    My daughter loves reading in this chair! So cozy and soothing.

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  28. Amanda Wright (verified owner)

    We got our daughter one of these last week and she LOVES it! She sits/swings in it every day several times a day.

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  29. Mom of 4 (verified owner)

    We just hung this up last night and my son just loves it! The swing seems to be of very good quality that should stand up over time. My older kids fit in it as well.

    Make sure you think through how to hang this though. You need to make sure you have hooks and rope etc. to take the weight and child play. We also put up a hook that swivels. Obviously you need to make sure you hang it from a stud as well if you are hanging it inside. A bit of planning and effort but well worth it!

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  30. Kelly C

    This is a must have for all Autistic children. Not only does it provide movement, it creates a little hiding place. My son will sit inside it and play video games for hours.

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  31. Monica R (verified owner)

    Thank you for all your help.

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  32. Orion L (verified owner)

    Isaac likes his swing. I put it low enough to the floor that he can push himself. There are not very many toys that he likes to play with but he seems to be having a lot of fun with this.

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  33. Sally R (verified owner)

    A friend with a child with autism recommended this swing as one that offered immediate calm after a busy day. My grandson swung for 45 minutes as he read a book and looked at pictures on the iphone. It is all it was said to be. I hang it in my house and transport it to his house.

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  34. Colane deal (verified owner)

    The first day we hung the swing my lil guy fell in love! He uses this throughout the day, ESP at nap times!! Best purchase we have made since he’s been diagnosed on the spectrum! My daughter7, also loves this swing. She keeps asking when will we buy her one for her room!!

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  35. Julie (verified owner)

    This swing was the best investment for our two children with autism and also the ones without autism. It became the biggest attraction to every kid that comes over. It works amazingly well calming down our sons when they are overwhelmed. They feel safer and the swing soothes. I recommend to all parents of a child with any kind of need.

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