In-FUN-ity Indoor Climbing System


Ready to go into every clinic, classroom, or home, and is designed with every budget in mind

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Description proudly introduces the in-FUN-ity Indoor Climbing System!

NOTE: Order the Wall Ladder appropriate to your type of wall. The other items are universal.

It’s time to turn your gross motor room into the most fun and most challenging place it’s ever been. The In-FUN-ity™ Climbing System is ready to go into every clinic, classroom, or home, and is designed with every budget in mind. This system can start as small as you want, yet expand almost in-fun-itely. The only limitation is your imagination…. and, possibly, your space!

Climbing is a great way to enhance body awareness, body scheme, motor planning and bilateral coordination. The child’s body weight-combined with gravity-provides additional proprioceptive feedback to their joints as they climb. This feedback helps a child coordinate their movements, working towards increasingly complex motor planning events. Coordinating their arms and legs (bilateral coordination) is enhanced as they climb up the ladder or rock wall and across the monkey bars, propel the scooter board, or pull themselves up the scooter board ramp.

All In-FUN-ity™ components are made of high quality birch plywood, selected hardwood dowels, and are finished with a durable, high quality finish. Rest assured, the high quality crafmanship is sure to last throughout years of use.

Working Load:
250 lbs.

31″W x 81.5″H x 5″D (Wall Ladder)
95″L x 21″W (Overall Scooter Board Ramp)
57″L (Scooter Board Ramp)
19″L (Scooter Board Ramp Platform)
.75″dia. x 12’L (Rope)
27″W x 80″H (Climbing Wall)
50″L x 31″W x 81.5″H (Expansion Kit)
8″L x 4″W (Expansion Kit Right Angle Connector)
50″L x 31″W (Jungle Gym Extender)
45″L x 30″W x 6″D (Crash Mat)

PLEASE NOTE: The Jungle Gym Extender can only be added to an existing In-FUN-ity™ Expansion Kit. For safety and stability, we do not recommend extending the jungle gym past 12′ in length.

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