Grotto Grip Pencil Accessory – Set of 3


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Designed to provide correct grip on pencils

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Grotto Grip encourages open web space between thumb and index finger and is large and comfy. Cool space-age design for righties or lefties. Best of all a partition and covered fingerspots make it virtually impossible to use incorrectly.

With consistent use, it increases writing endurance and pencil control while training the hand muscles to hold a writing utensil properly.

Grotto Grip: Not just a comfort grip, but a powerful training tool:
• Places and holds the fingers into a mature tripod grasp with finger guards and special angles, providing constant tactile feedback
• Maintains arches in the palm of the hand, furthering dynamic finger movements
• Prevents hyper-mobility at the joints of the index finger and thumb
• OT recommended firmness for optimal joint stability and muscle action
• 100% symmetrical – for right and left handed writers
• Neon colors and sleek design motivate children to use
• 100% made and packaged in USA
• Non-toxic & latex free

Set of three

10 reviews for Grotto Grip Pencil Accessory – Set of 3

  1. Stephanie Hope (verified owner)

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  2. Mal (verified owner)

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  3. Mark S

    Our son’s favorite pencil grip recommended by OT. This site has best price!

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  4. Jenna (verified owner)

    OT recommended these grips for our son. This site had the best price. We really appreciated the fast shipping!

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  5. Emilee Mullendore (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful product. My brother absolutely loves it. For my so we went another avenue due to his preference.

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  6. Luz Estrada (verified owner)

    It’s difficult for children to grasp.

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  7. KC (verified owner)

    My son is in first grade and has developed an unusual grip making it difficult to write. This tool comfortably forces him to hold his pencil correctly.

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  8. Erin Miller (verified owner)

    These helped my struggling writers with having a better grip.

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  9. HEATHER Burke (verified owner)

    This Grotto Grip Pencil Accessory is amazing for young children learning how to hold a pencil or pen properly. It’s easy for them to grip and made a significant improvement in my son’s hand writing. He has such a hard time holding a utensil correctly and easily. This was an instant improvement! He likes using it and as a preschool teacher, I would like to say that all preschoolers could benefit from using this affordable and easy accessory!

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  10. Christina Rodek

    I bought this both for my own daughter and for a student of mine. I teach first grade and this is very helpful!

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