Crash Pit


Crash Pit

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Description proudly introduces the Crash Pit!

Whether it’s filled with our Giant Cloud Nine or with balls, our
Crash Pit is fun and inviting. It’s a perfect landing spot for the
children who crave the “crash and burn” input. Or, add a weighted
blanket and create a calming quiet space. Either way, its a perfect fit
for your clinic.

The Crash Pit is made of sturdy yet soft foam,
with an optional floor mat for the bottom. Fill it with playpen balls,
or, for a more budget friendly alternative, with our Giant Cloud nine both sold Separately.

Order it whichever way you want; with or without a floor mat; with balls or with the Giant Cloud Nine; etc.

Dimensions: 72″ x 72″ inside – 84″ x 84″ outside – Each wall: 78″l x 24″h x 6″ thick.

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