ChewEase Chewing Solution – Blue


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ChewEase Chewing Solution – Blue

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ChewEase is a terrific and convenient solution that can be taken
anywhere. Whether you are encouraging chew for self-regulation or for
strengthening jaw muscles. ChewEase features three safe, non-toxic,
plastic objects that are linked together. Use with adult supervision.
NOTE: The image shows a pink ChewEase. This is for the Blue ChewEase


  • Sold as Single Unit
  • The practical and convenient chewing solution
  • From the award-winning Abilitations line of special needs resources
  • Designed by experts, perfect for home or classroom use
  • Helps address sensory issues, oral fixations, mouth or motor skills development

6 reviews for ChewEase Chewing Solution – Blue

  1. Lindsay Rhoades (verified owner)

    This product has really helped my son with focusing and staying on task at school. Using this product had relieved me too by knowing he is chewing on a safe product without a choking hazard to himself.

  2. Regina Hernandez (verified owner)

    These are amazing, my grandson uses this all the time. It helps calm him so much.

  3. Joy Amicone (verified owner)

    We received package on time, intact and with all products we ordered. Thank you!

  4. JENNIFER ZOLTZ (verified owner)

    This is my favorite chewable gadget so far? I love how I can hook it on everything so she doesn’t loose it.

  5. Danielle (verified owner)

    We have tried several products to soothe my 3
    Yr old son who loves to chew on everything and anything..every other product we have tried cannot compare to this! It’s excellent because it is durable and we can attach it to his shirts or within a button hole and it stays with him for when he needs it and we don’t end up losing them everywhere or having to clean them because they’ve been dropped for the millionth time! Highly recommend this for your child.

  6. Danielle

    My 3 year old son would grind his teeth constantly and put everything in his mouth and it was worrying us. We were recommended by his pediatrician to get a teething necklace which we did. Didn’t like that the necklace was around my son’s neck where it could possibly catch on something and he was constantly taking off and on and the dog would get it etc.. It wasn’t working. I came across this site online and went to look for some alternatives and this chew tube is perfect! It clips to his shirts and stays put and allows him the stimulation he needs..when he wants it and it is much safer.

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