Chew Stixx Plain Flavored Oral Motor Chew (Junior – Red)


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Chew Stixx Plain Flavored Oral Motor Chew (Junior – Red)

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Description proudly introduces the Chew Stixx Plain Flavored Oral Motor Chew (Junior – Red)!

Finally a pocket sized device that can be used to defeat destructive oral motor grinding habits. Multiple textures simulate food textures, therefore assisting children with oral sensory issues. The Chew Stixx Junior device can easily slip into a child’s pocket so it does not draw attention in school or other public places. Also fits on any number 2 pencil. The Junior is hollow, therefore it offers a crush and release type compression that is less likely to cause severe TMJ issues over time. Offers great jaw rehabilitation assistance to stroke victims and people with head injuries. Ideal for children with destructive sensory chewing disorders. BP and Phthalate free material and coloring. FDA approved materials and colors. Used by speech, occupational, and physical therapists. Dishwasher safe. Red Junior Chew Stixx is non-flavored.

Sold As A Single Unit
Elementary-Middle School Grade Level
Category: Special Needs / Sensory Solutions / Oral Motor
Designed for students with special education needs
Short Name: Oral Product Chew Stixx Junior Red Plain Oral Products

1 review for Chew Stixx Plain Flavored Oral Motor Chew (Junior – Red)

  1. Cam’s Gramma

    My 27 month old grandson took right to it… of course, right into his mouth!

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