Autism Sensory Needs

Parents face different kinds of tantrums from their children at different stage of their life.  Usually at a young age, children tend to be more difficult but that’s where parents need to show their parenting skills. However, most of the times the behavior which is shown to parents by their children is predictable or relatable but what if your child behaves in unpredictable ways for no specific reason at all. The parents need to be aware about the symptoms of autism so that they can detect it at their children’s early age.

Autism Sensory NeedsThe things that a parent should be noticing if their children behave unusually are their reaction towards loud noises, bright lights, social confidence etc. Parents with autistic children stay home than other parents as their children meltdowns can be triggered by a public area or their children have become the victim of social anxiety.  People with autism mostly have meltdowns because of their sensory sensitivities, they become heightened up whenever they are in a public area. These meltdowns do not specifically happen to children but to adults as well with different disorders. The brain becomes highly disoriented when it is receiving too many sensory motions. These sensory sensitivities are all your five senses: touch, smell, sound, sight and taste. Along with these the other parts of the brain also act in weird ways that’s why the researchers are trying to grasp the mechanism which is behind these autism sensory needs.

Many institutes are now focusing on prevention of sensory overload instead of its escalation. As parents also play a very important role in the prevention of autism, many parents have collaborated and started up institutions and events such as ‘Sensory Sensitive Sundays’ where all the autistic children are welcome to come. All the activities that take place are according to the comfort and enjoyment for an autistic child. The organizers of such events and places make sure that the place is sensory friendly and the environment suits the needs of autistic children as well as the typical kids.  Many families with autistic children are encouraging more such places to be opened as these are proving to be very important for the children and their families.