Califone Autism Hearing Safe Hearing Protector – HS60


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Maximum Autism Noise Reducing Earmuffs

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Ultimate Autism headphones designed for kids ears!

Our most protective model, this hearing protector, blocks out potentially damaging external noises by completely covering the outer ear with its noise reduction rating of 37dB.  It is designed to be worn by while in industrial arts areas, factories, or other loud areas where exposure to noise can be hazardous or bothersome.

  • Rugged polypropylene headstrap
  • Folding & adjustable headband fits most adults & children
  • ABS plastic earcups hold up to continued usage in high-use settings
  • Fuller sized earcups designed to completely cover the ears for maximum protection
  • Bright yellow safety color


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  1. Ingrid Wells (verified owner)

    I do not know how I found this wonderful web site but I searching for something to lessen endless noise. The Hearing Protector, what a relief. I live in a big apartment building in NYC. The building is in the process of being pointed. The unbearable loud sound of drills continue every day and will for months. I work from home using my computer and I must concentrate on complex financial spreadsheets. Until I received this product I could not work and had a terrible headache every night. I have tried all kinds of ear plugs and they do not mute sound. When I put these ear protectors on I was amazed. I could hear little to nothing. Finally I can survive this work and do mine. A wonderful product!!!!!

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  2. Gavino Barrera (verified owner)

    Item was delivered in a timely manner with no problems. In regards to the product itself, I highly recommend for kids with sensitive hearing.

    My son is sensitive to the fire alarms at school, so I was seeking something that would help him in minimizing the volume intake of the fire alarm. So I purchased these and I have to say, they make the world of difference. I highly recommend them for kids with sensitive hearing.

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  3. Jaime Spilman (verified owner)

    They are a quality product and the delivery was timely. All in all, a great experience and I will be ordering from you in the future! Thank you!

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