ChewEase Invisible Pencil Topper – Set of 3 – Clear


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ChewEase Invisible Pencil Topper

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This ChewEase Pencil Topper is almost invisible. Easily slides over the tip of a standard pencil to put self-regulation where you need it, and available when you need it. Improve work productivity and concentration. Great for environments where chewing gum is not allowed. A lifesaver for homework, too! Set of 3

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13 reviews for ChewEase Invisible Pencil Topper – Set of 3 – Clear

  1. Pamela Miller (verified owner)

    the pencil topper was extremely difficult to put on the end of the pencil, and as I tried to take off one topper because it wasn’t fitting properly, it took the tip of the pencil off. It is a disappointment. I do however love the heart sensory necklace.

  2. Anonymous

    Works very well for my son and would recommend to everyone

  3. KC

    As a previous reviewer commented, these are impossible to place on (or remove from) pencils. Extremely disappointed in this purchase.

  4. Deb (verified owner)

    Liked these except my son can’t keep track of a separate eraser and when he tried to pull off the topper to use the eraser on his pencil, it pulled the eraser off. Couldn’t get the eraser out so also can’t put the topper on another pencil unless we cut the end with the stuck eraser off. Certainly shortens the lifespan of the topper.

  5. Patricia Workman (verified owner)

    The pencil toppers fit nicely. They are thick and do not loose their shape. I would recommend for any child who needs to chew on something.

  6. Nan (verified owner)


  7. Maribeth W. (verified owner)

    I had a hard time putting the pencil topper on the pencil. When I tried to remove it, because it only went so far, the eraser came off with the pencil topper.

  8. Claudia May (verified owner)

    Would not fit on the pencil. When forced onto the pencil it would only go down about 1/4 inch. I’m sad it just didn’t work. 🙁

  9. Joyce Looney

    These Toppers Do not fit most pencils. I had to cut them down to get them on the end of my son’s pencil

  10. Anonymous

    This is the closest thing to a pencil chew I can find for my Kindergartner. These chew toppers do not fit a #2 pencil. My son chews on his pencils so I cut these down and put them on the end to prevent him from chewing on the eraser. I wish these were made better and harder to take off but it is all you have on your website that I have found that comes close to what I need

  11. Spring (verified owner)

    As others said, these do not slip easily over a pencil and are likely to pull the eraser/metal piece off when you try to remove them. This is exactly what happened when I attempted to put the clear tube over the pencil. When I could get it on all the way, I removed it and it took the end of the pencil with it.

  12. Catharina contreras (verified owner)

    Works great

  13. Alicia (verified owner)

    I thought it was a good idea for my young one, but she needs something a bit more pliable. It’s a stiff, durable plastic. Just not for us

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