If you’re interested in joining in during Autism Awareness Month in April, then here’s how!

The twelfth World Autism Day is on April 2, 2019. This will kick off a month of different programs and events around the world dedicated to spreading awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Autism Society launched World Autism Day to help promote autism awareness, inclusion, and self-determination.

Autism can be quite intimidating and daunting for many people, especially children. There are some great products out there, such as Stacy The Shark, that help to explain what autism is.

There are certain symbols which have become a popular way to show your support for autism, especially during Autism Awareness Month. autism awareness ribbonThe autism ribbon pin and puzzle piece are two of those symbols. Displaying these items shows that you not only understand what autism is, but that you support people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are some fantastic silver puzzle piece key chains and puzzle piece necklaces available for purchase to show your support.

The Autism Society developed the puzzle piece ribbon to represent the complexity and diversity of those people that are on the autism spectrum. The bright color of the ribbon is a representation of hope for the increased awareness of autism., access to appropriate services and also early intervention.

There are other ways that you can show your support for autism awareness month. Around the world and across the United States, there will be hundreds of different public events and walks. Check out your local Autism Society website to find out which events are being planned in your local area.

If you have taken part in autism awareness month before, please feel free to share your experiences below and recommend any events in your local area so that other people can take part too. Autism Spectrum Disorder not only affects the people on the spectrum but also has a serious impact on family members and siblings.