Your Guide to the Best Autism Sensory Products

Whether you label it sensory overload, sensory sensitivity, overstimulation, or something else, struggling with sensory processing issues is a real challenge for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD or Sensory Disorder, or other sensory dysfunction.

Sensory integration exposes these kids to sensory stimulation using autism sensory products and tools, and is a popular and effective tactic in helping these children learn to make sense of the world and make the world work for them.

Autism Sensory ProductsOur line of autism sensory products can help your child cope with and understand his or her relationship to surroundings through the five senses (touch, sight, sound, smell and taste), as well as through their vestibular (movement and balance) and proprioception (muscles and joints) senses.

The key is that children with autism are provided with tools to control their own sensory input and that parents and caregivers recognize the importance of repetition and practice. Making autism sensory products part of daily life and establishing a routine for their use is a big assist in managing behavior, anxiety, lack of attention, and other issues.

Autism sensory products like swings and hammocks help calm and regulate, headphones can buffer and reduce disruptive noise, and weighted items can offer pressure to muscles and joints.

Our wide selection of autism sensory products can also help your child:

  • Cope with their sensitivities and manage the triggers that lead to meltdowns.

          o Try: Vibrotactile stuffed animals

  • Build body awareness, balance and posture.

          o Try: Resistance bands

  • Manage noise sensitivity.

          o Try: Noise-reducing headphones

  • Apply pressure and weight to uncomfortable muscles and joints.

          o Try: Weighted lap pads

  • Improve gross and fine motor functions.

          o Try: Gonge Hilltops

  • Improve spatial awareness.

          o Try: Crawling tunnels

  • Manage energy and improve focus.

           o Try: Fidget squishy balls

Don’t miss these other solutions in our line of autism sensory products:

  • Cozy Shades to reduce the flicker and glare of fluorescent lighting and soften other lighting.
  • Chewy items and jewelry to overcome teeth grinding and help children get used to different textures of foods.
  • Aromatherapy to induce calm and focus.
  • Sensory and tactile activity panels for working on tracking and upper body gross motor skills, and to provide tactile, visual and sound sensations.