Straws and Connectors Building Kit


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Design and create simple or complex structures.

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Build structures using ingenious connectors and heavy, colorful straws. Make houses, forts, even spacecrafts. This flexible design enables children to design and create simple shapes or complex structures using connectors and 130 heavy, colorful 8″ straws. 100 connectors. Pre-K+. Standard Focus: build multi-dimensional shapes & forms.

5 reviews for Straws and Connectors Building Kit

  1. Tricia Murphy (verified owner)

    My 9 year old autistic son, who is high functioning loves building with these straws. It’s easy enough that he can do it himself. There are a lot of little pieces involved that connect the straws and they’re lightweight. He builds “towers” pretty high and he seems quite proud of himself.

  2. Carol Vasques (verified owner)

    The girls used their imagination as they attempted to build things. Unfortunately, as you you build, the straws split and do not stay connected. Too much time was spent reconnecting or replacing straws.

    I’m going to try reinforcing all the ends with duct tape, and hopefully the “club house” will stay together.

  3. sunyong (verified owner)

    the connectors don’t really work very well. it pops the straw and does not hold the connection and is difficult to hold circular line. the connection also disconnects when the form is large, therefor it’s difficult to build a large form.

  4. ottia bottorf (verified owner)

    i wont know til after xmas….

  5. Mal (verified owner)

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