Convertible Climbing Walls


Convertible Climbing Walls

Description proudly introduces the Convertible Climbing Walls!

A climbing wall is an excellent tool for motor planning skills. Children must plan what their next step will be, where to place their feet, where to place their hands, and how much strength is needed.

Our climbing wall is made especially for lateral movements, which is also a great way to enhance the use of both hands simultaneously.

The Climbing System is ideal for any OT, PT, or Adapted P.E. program because it does not nee to be used with a belay and harness system. HOWEVER, MATTING THE FLOOR IS REQUIRED. WE RECOMMEND AT LEAST 4-INCH MATS.

Each Convertible Climbing Wall Includes:

  • Three 57″ W x 29″ H panels, complete with pre-mounted hand-hold anchors
  • Unique sliding-rail system
  • Twenty hand-holds
  • All necessary hardware for installation (hardware packages vary depending on the type of surface to which the Climbing Surface is mounted)

More Than Meets the Eye

The exclusive Convertible Climbing System allows you to easily change the orientation of the wall from vertical to sloped. Each wall panel measures 57″ W by 29″ H, and is made with the highest quality birch plywood. The 63 hand-hold mounts (with pre-installed T-nuts) give you thousands of hand-hold placement options.

The sliding rails are pre-slotted, allowing easy anchoring to your existing walls. Each wood panel has pre-drilled and countersunk holes for easy mounting to the sliding-rail system without dangerous protruding bolt heads. There are 3 different versions of the Convertible Climbing System corresponding to the type of wall you are using. The mounting hardware and installation methods are different for each wall type.

Also included with each unit are 20 handholds. You can arrange various paths according to skill level, allowing clients to choose the level of difficulty.

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