Tridget Series 2 Bulb Tracker


Sensory and strengthening ball.

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The Twidget 2 – Bulb Trackers are each filled with different colored balls (one blue, one green and one purple) and different amounts of fill (90%, 60% and 30%) as well as one highly visible yellow ball to track from side to side. The reward is the popping noise made as the yellow ball passes from one chamber to the other. This great product is irresistible that not even our team of professionals could put it down. Each Twidget 2-Bulb Tracker also features a loop for attaching your own key chain. Dimensions: 5″ (13cm) long. Set of 3. Twidget is a two-handed fidget device Children can t seem to put it down, and they don t have to! Wonderful for strengthening the hands and fingers, coordinating body sides, encouraging sequencing and rhythmicity Durable outer PVC shell and is filled with non-toxic silicon gel and colorful pvc balls


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