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Swing Swing

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Autism-Products.com proudly introduces the Swing Swing!

The Swing-Swing comes as a complete
package including attaching clips, swivel, and our innovative Smooth
Swingin’ Rope Hangers. Our SWING-SWING can support a 350 lb person and
is perfect for a multi-purpose room.

The Swing-Swing concept can be extremely useful for:

  1. Therapists without a lot of space but using Sensory Integration as one of their primary therapies. They will find the Swing-Swing’s
    space saving design extremely convenient freeing up their limited area
    for a variety of uses. Speech or music therapists and interactive
    metronome therapists often use Sensory Integration in their sessions.
  2. Parents who don’t have a primary sensory room or
    who prefer to have their children swinging away in a family-room setting
    with everyone close by. Busy moms and siblings will love our silent
    Smooth Swingin’ Rope Hangers and will find the
    extremely easy to set up and use. For a parent to have an immediate
    calming therapy for their tension filled child provides peace of mind
    and household.
  3. Schools will find the Swing-Swing
    perfect for their sp/ed in-classroom therapy space. It will also make
    multi-purpose rooms that are used for music, phys/ed, etcetera even more
    useful. The cost and space effectiveness of this sturdy swing frame
    gives teachers a valuable tool for dealing with many potentially
    disruptive classroom issues. Happily, schools are now starting to use
    sensory rooms instead of ‘time out’ rooms for their children who need

The Swing-Swing comes as four basic components:

  1. the 6 foot swing arm
  2. the steel swing arm receiver (attaches to the wall plate)
  3. the plywood wall plate 8″ × 30″(attaches to the wall), and
  4. the two 8½ foot legs

The legs footprint is 9½ feet × 9 feet. That is: they touch the floor 9½ feet from the wall and 9 feet from each other.

Swing-Swing Frame only

Includes frame (72 inches), with a pair of regular Attachment Spring
Clips, a Swivel, and a pair of Smooth Swingin’ Rope Hangers.

Includes all necessary hardware for immediate use
Once set-up, it is 98″ from wall to leg foot and 96″ from leg to leg at the floor
Stands just over 7′ at 86″ to the top of the top


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