6.6 lb, 8 in Yuck-E-Medicine Ball, Violet


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6.6 lb, 8 in Yuck-E-Medicine Ball, Violet

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Autism-Products.com presents 6.6 lb, 8 in Yuck-E-Medicine Ball, Violet!

8 in Yuck-E-Medicine Ball weighing 6.6 lbs is
filled with smoothly rounded polymer balls, free-floating in a non-toxic
sea of gel. This creates a perfectly weighted ball that form fits to
the curves of the human body. As gravity begins to pull on the internal
balls, their rolling causes the medicine ball to roll across and down
the body in a tractor-like movement that both stimulates and massages
the body. Additionally, this violet ball will form fit to the user’s
hand, turning them into comfortable handles for holding and lifting.
Sold individually.

Click HERE for Set of 6

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  1. Amy Mann (verified owner)

    My kiddo used a Yuck-E ball during a hospitalization and he really liked it. I ordered a few weights to accommodate his needs and growth.

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