4-in-1 Climbing Steps


4-in-1 Climbing Steps

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Autism-products.com proudly presents the 4-in-1 Climbing Steps!

These solid birch steps are wonderful for working with crawling infants or older children working on gait training. Each of the three smaller steps nests inside the next larger one. The lip on each step fits inside the step above, and allows you to pull out the bottom and have the others steps follow.

24-1/4″ Long x 8-1/2″ Deep x 3″ Tall
26-1/4″ Long x 9-1/2″ Deep x 5-1/2″ Tall
28-1/4″ Long x 10″ Deep x 7-3/4″ Tall
30″ Long x 10-3/4″ Deep x 10-1/4″ Tall

Working Load: 200 lb.


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