WordWise CD


WordWise CD


Autism-Products.com proudly introduces the WordWise CD!

WordWise combines 588 pictures, words, speech and print features to form a comprehensive language enrichment package. Now includes options for both English and Spanish! Students can record their own pronunciation of words and compare it to the computers for pronunciation training. Create an individual word list to build vocabulary. All 588 illustrations are realistic and appropriate for any age. Includes an instruction and multiple choice options. A new feature presents the written word with or without a picture. You can easily create a personalized word file for each student, or choose from 7 pre-selected lists: community, house, people, outdoor, actions and adjectives. Print custom picture books for each user. Picture printouts can be large, medium or small; color or black and white. Win/Mac CD, touch screen single switch compatible.

Speech / Language / Communication Solution
Sold as Single Unit
Designed by experts, perfect for use at home or the classroom
Short Name: CD Wordwise


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