Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears Book


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Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears Book

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Autism-Products.com proudly introduces the Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears Book!

Meet Izzy, a feisty first grader, whose behavior is often misunderstood as she tries to cope with sensory overload in her new surroundings. This brightly illustrated book creates an environment that is accepting of students with sensory modulation difficulties, including many on the autism spectrum. It’s a great resource for occupational therapists, teachers, and parents to share with children. Resources for adults at the end of the book include definitions of sensory processing and sensory modulation disorder, suggested discussion questions and lists of related books and web sites.

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Short Name: Book – Why Does Dizz Cover Her Ears

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  1. Ralph Renfro (verified owner)

    I need a story written for youngsters that has characters that have the issues they do WITHOUT the big labels all over the book, especially when the word DISORDER is in the label. Someone, who knows primary students and their nervous families, needs to write these books.

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