Vertical Squeeze Swing


Vertical Squeeze Swing

Estimated delivery between Dec 24 and Dec 27

Description proudly introduces the Vertical Squeeze Swing!

You’ll never get your clients out of this new swing! And those who haven’t tried it yet will be lined up waiting to experience this new sensation – deep pressure and vestibular stimulation at the same time.
Lorraine Palizza, MA, OT and Jeremy Gardner, LAC, OT came up with this fantastic idea and we collaborated with them on the design and construction.

We’ve taken our flexion disc and given it a taller vertical bolster. Then we’ve put a barrel around it that attaches to the disc with heavy duty hook and loop tape, and we’ve added a doorway that the client or therapist can open easily. Some of your children will want to stand in here for ages, receiving the proprioceptive input they need.

If your clients are looking for a strong movement experience, take off the barrel and attach the swing to our Vertical Stimulation Device. They can bounce and move in both circular and linear directions, improving their balance, gross motor and coordination skills.


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