Therapy Data Master Software Program CD


Therapy Data Master Software Program CD

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Description proudly introduces the Therapy Data Master Software Program!

Therapy Data Master is a software program to collect, store, and recall therapy information. Let this program help you to maintain, analyze, and report your clients data. Visual presentation of a clients therapy data can be a quick and clear way of indicating how a client is progressing. Key features such as client data allow for storage of a wealth of information such as name, school, address, city, teacher, date of birth, grade, organization, and misc. information. Therapy Data Master features up to 100 annual goals and objectives for each client; defines therapy goals and criteria (e.g. 7 out of 10 trials); offers a therapyschedule (defined by you); files and retrieves client information; and transfers/archives data. The system will produce the following reports which can be viewed on the screen or printed out: tables of client s data, line charts and bar charts for easy analysis, progress reports, therapy schedules, and data sheets.

Speech / Language / Communication Solution
Sold as Single Unit
Designed by experts, perfect for use at home or the classroom
Short Name: Therapy Data Master


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