Teenage Life Blob Cards (Set of 48)


Teenage Life Blob Cards (Set of 48)

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Autism-Products.com proudly introduces the Teenage Life Blob Cards (Set of 48)!

Blobs are a way of communicating using two of the first languages which are learned as children – body language and feelings. These cards provide a tool to consider and discuss a multitude of positive and negative teenager feelings and behaviors. They can be used individually or for group work. The cards cover topics such as: relationships and friendships; bullying; addiction; emotions; confidence; self image and many more. Includes cards suggesting over 50 optional activities. Ages 11-18. Set of 48 full color cards.

Speech / Pragmatics / Social Skills Solution
Sold as Set of 48
Designed as a Teacher / Parent Resource
Short Name: Cards – Teenage Life Blob Cards St/48


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