Sportime Yuck-E-Balls – 3 1/2 in – Set of 6 – Assorted Colors



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At Sportime we’re always searching for new materials and manufacturing techniques, so we can provide you with interest-grabbing activities tools to bring excitement to your gross-motor skills activities. Yuck-E-Balls are a product of just such a search. Their seamless shells are identical in material and quality to those used for our JuggleBeanballs. But this time, instead of filing the shells with beanbag pellets, we filled them with 3/4 inch PVC balls and a non-toxic gel. This combination of materials creates a fluid environment, within which the PVC balls glide easily when squeezed. Catch Them…Juggle Them…Toss Them…Squeeze Them Yuck-E-balls are among the easiest balls to catch, each is 3 1/2 inches and are 10 oz. Its weight provides a great kinesthetic feedback that, when combined with their catching properties, makes them ideal for use in juggling activities. Yuck-E-Balls stop where dropped, making them a great alternative to beanbags. The icing on the Yuck-E-Ball cake is they provide tactile feedback that encourages and sustains whole-hand manipulation. The slightest movement puts the internal PVC balls into fluid motion that ends only when the manipulation stops. Set includes one each of the six primary and secondary colors.


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