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Spikey Glove

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Autism-Products presents the Spikey Glove

For a Real Deep Pressure Calm! Thanks go out to Carol Kranowitz for her “Mummy” idea in the book “The Goodenoughs Get In Sync!” We’ve taken 6 yards of CanDo Non-Latex Bands and top a child with a tight, bright, Super Inside Out Ball and Spiky Gloves. And yes, the deep pressure from the stretchy-snug input helps many children’s sensory systems get in sync. Spiky Gloves feature soft “spikes” on one surface only and can be worn palm up or down. The nubby feel of the “spikes” is typically irresistible to even the most tactile child. The bright colors vary. So does the laughter! Spiky Glove. One glove.

7 reviews for Spikey Glove

  1. Mugiko (verified owner)

    I bought this glove for my son, ADHD/PDD-residual. He put this on and went to school. On the way to school he played with this all the time and he was very calm. He left this at school, now he needs another one for home. I have ordered 3 more since his little brother also wants. Looking forward to receiving them soon!

  2. Grandma Linda

    My 8 year old granddaughter loved this. Very intriguing.

  3. Augusto Vinces-Trelles (verified owner)

    very poor quality. It ripped the second time one of my patients pulled the spikes

  4. Shantese wilson (verified owner)

    My son uses a lot of sensory item and I hope he will love this.

  5. Octavio Matos (verified owner)

    My son has no interest in the glove. Its so flimsy. I don’t see how affective it can be. Returning it.

  6. NIKKI DAVID PATE (verified owner)

    Product is as promised. When ordering I thought there were 2 in a set not one, wish I had know that when you order you are ordering just one. I would have bought more if I had know that .

  7. Judith Harris (verified owner)

    My grandson has a form of autism and loves dinosaurs. He put the Spikey Gloves on and began roaring and stomping around “being” his favorite dinosaur……the T-Rex. It was SO sweet watching him have such a good time.

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