SpeechPage Language for Life Plus Binder


SpeechPage Language for Life Plus Binder

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Autism-Products.com proudly introduces the SpeechPage Language for Life Plus Binder!

The Language Binder SpeechPage Language Skills For Life is a concentrated kit of Speech and Language Therapy Materials for enhancing Teen and Adult Language Skills. The author of these materials has worked as a Speech Language Pathologist continuously for over 2 years creating a variety of sets of language stimulating activities. This binder focuses on WH-type questions, social language skills, language and vocabulary development in the areas of home maintenance, cleaning, community and understanding food choices. With proper direction, these SpeechPages can be used to encourage functional vocabulary, categorization, critical thinking and language of daily life skills. You get 6 different SpeechPage sets for a total of 4 customized heavy duty, laminated SpeechPages for Language Skills and a free 3-ring Storage Binder is included!


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