Snug-N-Hug Calming Vest


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Wonderful aid to deal with difficult behavioral issues associated wityh sensory disorders.


The Snug N Hug is designed to put deep, even pressure where the child needs it most: the outer arms and torso. This even deep touch pressure input may help with sensory regulation for calming and organizing. The Snug N Hug may reduce difficult behavioral issues often associated with Sensory Processing Disorders and may prove effective in just minutes. Great for issues such as anxiety, temper tantrums, uncontrollable crying, and aggressive behaviors, and makes it a must have sensory tool for children with Attention Deficit, Sensory Processing and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders. It is easy to put on, and easy to fold into a compact square for easy storage and transport. Made from 4mm neoprene and hook-and-loop fasteners, it is both durable and comfortable.
Small, fits approximately children ages 4-6.
Medium, fits approximately children 7-12.
Large, fits approximately children 12+

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5 reviews for Snug-N-Hug Calming Vest

  1. Juliana (verified owner)

    This vest definitely gets the job done, but is a bit scary looking. The children don’t want to go near it, so it’s hard to convince them to put it on. I think it would work better if it looked a little more welcoming.

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  2. Sara Wojcik (verified owner)

    Have had this for only a week, so can’t give long-term review. On first trial, it seemed to slip up over our grandson’s shoulders, and it didn’t stay on him very long. Haven’t had opportunity to try it during an episode of agitation.

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  3. Kala

    It was good quality product but it just made my sensory seeker angry. He would bang his head and scream louder. It is also really difficult to get on during a meltdown but maybe my son is just rougher than some?

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  4. Regina Hernandez

    These vests are awesome. They really help the child that needs that feeling of being hugged.

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  5. Anonymous

    I received the product very quickly and sent it in to his teacher. She said he seemed to like it, and she kept it at school, so I haven’t yet seen the results at home. That’s why I rated it good. It could possibly (and hopefully) be “excellent.”

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