Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket in Monkeys


Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket in Monkeys

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Description proudly presents the Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket in Monkeys!

Deep pressure to the skin is inhibitory and calming to the central nervous system. It offers a natural solution to attention,
calming and/or sleeping difficulties. Long lasting and machine washable
blanket provides deep pressure touch to the skin that calms the central
nervous system. It is filled using PET
pellets that are sewn into bean bags and then into the blanket chambers
for uniform distribution of weight. It has a creative patent pending
neck cut-out design that lets the blanket to fit comfortably around the
neck as well as over the shoulders without any bunching at the face.

You should always consult your OT, but here are guidelines from a recent OT study.

SizePerson’s WeightAgeDimensionsWeight
X-Small22-35 lbsaround 3 years old32″W x 36″L5 lbs.
Small36-45 lbs.around 4-6 years old36″W x 42″L8 lbs.
Medium46-70 lbs.around 6-10 years old.36″W x 54″L12 lbs.
Large71-140 lbs.11-15 years old.54″W x 72″L16 lbs.
X-Largeover 141lbs.around 16 years old to adult57″W x 80″L25 lbs.


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Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket

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