Roller with Sand


Roller with Sand

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Description presents the Roller with Sand!

For younger children, this roller contains 5.5 pounds of sand, further reducing the speed and enabling even small children to master balancing and rolling.

The Roller is a beautiful new conceptualization of a fundamentally
challenging motor activity object. You will discover that both children
and grown-ups are tempted to test their skills by stepping up and trying
to set the Roller in motion. It offers a progressive motor skills
challenge, from small kids just managing to keep their balance with the
support of a friend or a hand rail, to older children and adults pushing
the boundaries of what they can do without falling off. Whether it is
used for play or in therapy, the Roller will stimulate the primary
proprioceptive sense, as well as the vestibular and tactile senses. The
Roller is safe to use, as the compression of its rubber tires naturally
reduces the speed while making play virtually silent and protecting the
ground surface from damage. This is combined with a rubber tread which
provides a safe grip and offers additional tactile stimulation when
rolling with bare feet.

  • Safe to use with rubber tread
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Fun and challenging
    for everyone
  • Danish quality and design
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Contents: 1 Roller With Sand
  • Ages 4+


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