Personal Talker Recorder Message


Personal Talker Recorder Message

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Description proudly introduces the Personal Talker Recorder Message!

Record a message and then push the large PLAY button to play back the message. A picture symbol or written information can be inserted in adjoining frame. The pocket-sized Personal Talker has ten seconds of recording time, enough time for several sentences. A pen point is needed to record, eliminating accidental erasure/record over. If pushing the PLAY button is too difficult, begin teaching single switch access by attaching a self adhesive “bumper” (included). Place a picture symbol on front cover, then simply press on the cover to activate the message. Also great for spoken reminders. Size 2-1/2″ square by 1/2″ thick (6.4cm x 3.8cm). Weight: 1.6 oz 4 button batteries (included).


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